Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Last night at dinner MM randomly said "Do you know which mammal has the largest penis?" to which LM replied "sperm whale?" which then set off a discussion about giant penises (penii?). Don't ask questions.

Anyway, about halfway through PB all of a sudden says "Penis? Penis? Penis?" to which I replied "You want peanuts? Sorry, we don't have any." Ever since she's been running around the house yelling "Penis!" which I pretend is "peanuts", so my head doesn't explode.

The good new is, this is a lesson to MM, who didn't realize toddlers repeated everything you said. Every.thing.


Rowena said...

Yeah, MM and I have loads to learn about toddler's and the things they repeat. Haha.

Tracy said...

Love it!

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