Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Princess Bowie!

*I scheduled this for yesterday but for some reason it didn't post. I'm posting it a day late instead.

Today PB turned one. I can't believe its been a year already. She's a very adventurous baby. She gets into everything and lately she's all about climbing. She climbs up bookcases, on tables and even uses her little chair as a stool. She's giving me gray hair.

She still isn't walking. She takes a few steps then gets scared and sits down. It makes me laugh how fearless she is when going up, yet she's a big fraidy cat going forward. She's adorable.

Still, it seems like yesterday when she was small ans cuddly. Or having a fit about Tummy Time. Or learning to roll over, then crawl. MM and I are both a little depressed today. It's definitely bittersweet.

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