Sunday, October 14, 2012

Princess Bowie: 10 Months

Sometimes I share pictures of the baby on Twitter. This is one I posted to mark 10 months. Isn't she the most adorable baby ever? She has so much personality.

Can you believe she's now 11 months. On November 19 she'll turn 1. It's kind of drepessing.

She's super clever. This week she started standing on her own. As in, she'll stand up from sitting on the floor without using anything to pull herself up. I know she'll be walking soon. Which is also depressing. I'm not ready!

She loves to dance. Her newest favorite jam is Gangnam Style. She squeals and gets down every time it comes on. So funny.

She is still one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. She rarely fusses. We are seriously blessed.


Nicole said...

Oh she's adorable!

Lori said...

She is just so cute!!

Leslie said...

She's beautiful! And so happy!

Christine said...

She IS super duper adorable! How do you stand it?!!

Dr J said...

Funny you should post these right now . . . not that it is a response to my cosmic curiosity, but just a few days ago I was looking at the list of blogs on my blog and realized that Princess Bowie was due for a birthday and I wondered if you were going to put pictures up. Just adorable and as cute as we expected her to be. And yes, I knew right away that having a baby was a show stopper--I have four in five years and I can't really remember much about those years except feeding and diaper changing and lugging four kids to the grocery store--a basket of babies and a basket of food. I don't think I could have managed blogging then at all. Thanks again for sharing cutie with us.


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