Monday, July 25, 2011

If Only....

The baby has really started moving around. Before the last week or so I could feel her moving but she couldn't be felt from the outside. Recently she's been kicking like crazy and if you catch it just right you can feel her. MM keeps missing it. She stops moving every time he puts his hand on my stomach.

Part of the problem is that MM is impatient. He sets his hand on my stomach and if he doesn't feel something right then he gives up, disappointed. As I get farther along he'll get to feel her all the time. Waiting isn't his best quality, however. He wants to feel it now

The other night we were in the living room and she started kicking really hard. I moved over to MM and put his and on my stomach. Nothing. He took his hand away and she kicked. He put it back and...nothing. Poor MM. He started to get all pouty. "She never moves for me!" He tried again. Nothing. He gave up. I moved to sit down across the room and I hear MM say:

"I wish she was in my tummy."


So do I, MM. So do I.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a Girl!

MM dropped the cake
I just realized I never told you what happened at the Sex Party. After our ultrasound appointment on the 5th we headed straight to the bakery with our envelope. Instead of adding a layer of frosting in either pink or blue in the center of the cake, we decided to go with fresh fruit. Strawberries for a girl and blueberries for a boy.

Our friends and family started arriving around 1pm. We visited for awhile while MM and  my dad got the grills ready and then prepared the food. We finally sat down to eat around 3. By then I was getting text messages and phone calls like crazy from people wanting to know if we'd cut the cake yet. Y'all are impatient.

Around 4, we got the cake out of the fridge and gathered around while MM cut it. He put the knife in and pulled it was totally clean. We all laughed and MM continued to cut a piece. He pulled it out and...he dropped it! The look on his face was priceless.

Eventually he got the piece picked up and turned to show us...STRAWBERRIES!

Poor MM was heartbroken. He really, really wanted a boy. I know he'll love the baby no matter what, but it's going to take him a little while to realize that. My girlfriend asked me if it hurt my feelings that MM wasn't crazy excited. No. I'm not bothered at all. MM is going to be an amazing dad to this little girl. If he needs a little while to mourn the son he'll never have, well...I'm ok with that.

Of course that was a week ago and MM has had time to adjust. I think he'll always be a little sad about not having a boy. He's made peace with it, however, and he's starting to embrace it. The other night he was shopping for pink camo bedding on the Cabela's website. heh.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Texting with TG

Toward the middle of last school year, we told The Girl that if she stayed on Principal's Honor Roll (3.5-4.0gpa) the entire year we'd buy her a cell phone. She'd been begging for one forever, but MM and I didn't think she needed the added distraction. Plus, let's be honest, the kid is not the most responsible. But this, she really did a 180. She only got in trouble once for not turning in homework assignments, and that was because she was absent (she then procrastinated about turning them in, but I can't blame her for not doing them initially). She also worked hard and got good grades the entire year. She managed As and Bs on every report card and finished the year with a perfect 4.0. It was amazing.

Once we told her we'd buy her a cell phone if she made Principal's Honor Roll, she did even better. MM and I shopped around and found a good deal on a Samsung Seek. For now we've restricted her to calls and texts only, but we told her she can earn the right to use the web as time goes on. We're waiting to see how she does. Of course, because I'm the Wicked Mom of the West Coast, she has rules. She's not allowed to text with people we don't know (ie strangers). Her phone really belongs to me, so at any given time I can take it and read her texts/listen to her messages. She's not allowed to delete anything without my permission. She has to plug it in in the living room at night (no taking it to bed with her). Etc, etc.

I expected her to fight me on some if it, but she's been really great about it. Since her and her friends are all pretty young still, I haven't seen anything too crazy in her texts. Plus, we have the added bonus of being able to see where she is all time since we enabled the GPS without telling her. We're mean like that.

About 2 weeks after we gave her the phone I was messing around and checked our text usage. MM had about 450 texts, I had about 700 and TG? Well, she had almost 4000. FOUR FREAKING THOUSAND TEXTS. IN A TWO WEEK PERIOD.

I didn't even know it was possible to send that many texts. Cripes. Lucky for us we saw that coming and had unlimited. She would have been dead otherwise.

Now that she's had it a little while the newness has worn off and she isn't texting as much. She cracks me up with what she does text about. She's so shiny, her texts are often random and silly. Here, let me give you an example.

The other day I was trying to clean the house and couldn't find my cleaning spray. Since TG was the last one I saw with it I texted to ask if she knew where it was (she's with her dad).

Me: Do you know where my bottle of bleach cleaner is?
TG: I hid it in my evil penguin lair. You'll never find it now! Muahaha!
Me: Jerk. Srsly, where is it?
TG: idk
Me: Brat.
TG: I don't! I was only half joking about the penguins! They aren't evil! And they didn't steal ur bleach!
Me: Lies!
TG: haha ... Maybe.

Her evil penguin lair? This kid...

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nausea, Heartburn, Insomnia - Oh my!

Warning: The first part of this post is a big 'ol whine-fest. 

I am not one of those women who loves being pregnant. I don't "glow" or "shine". I don't look healthy and radiant or glory in being a woman in the midst of creating life. I've never understood those women who claim to love being pregnant. What's to love about getting fat and throwing up and feeling like my chest is on fire?

The truth is, I hate being pregnant. I'm nauseous all the time. I get dizzy if I stand up too quickly. I wake up at least 5 times a night with heartburn, or leg cramps, or the violent, desperate urge to pee. My nails are brittle and flaky. My hair is lanky and gross. My hands, face and feet are bloated and swollen. My boobs are huge and sore. So is my stomach.

And I'm only 5 months along. I have another 4 full months to go. Jeebus. 

Don't get me wrong, I know in the end it will all be worth it. But the getting there? Yeah, that shit effing sucks.


In other, better, news, MM and I had our 20wk ultrasound on Tuesday. We also got the results of the state testing and the doctor did a double check via ultrasound. Everything turned out really well. Last time, with Baby Peanut, our state testing came back that we were 1 in 18 for down syndrome. This time we were 1 in 8,600. The doctor confirmed that all looks great. The baby is growing normally and looks good. *huge sigh of relief*

We asked the tech to check the gender but seal the results in an envelope. She thought the idea was cute. The baker looked at us funny when we told her she'd be the only one to know what the sex is, but she thought the idea was cute, too. We're having the party on Saturday.

Oddly enough, I was the one who was anxious to find out the sex. I even got a little annoyed at MM for not letting me peek. Talk about a role reversal. But in the end I agreed to wait until Saturday, so I will. I still don't care one way or the other what we have, but I keep saying it's going to be a girl to annoy MM. Don't tell him, but last night I had a dream that we cut into the cake and it was blue.

TG and LM are with their dad. TG will be gone until July 31. LM will be coming home on July 16, but he leaves the 17th for boy scout camp until the 24th. I'm bummed that they won't be here for the party, but I promised to call them when we get ready to cut open the cake so they can find out when we do.

Our friends and family are having a grand time throwing out the term "Sex Party" and debating over whether it will be a girl or a boy. Who knew this would be so fun?

Anyway, the whole purpose of this post was so I could whine. Since I've accomplished that - and then some - I guess I can sign off now.

Tell me what's good in your world.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Baby Blue Cake

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The big argument in our house right now is whether this baby is a boy or a girl. MM and LM say it's a boy, while TG and I say it's a girl. Honesty, I don't really care one way or the other, but since MM wants a boy I say it's a girl to annoy him. We find out the sex on Tuesday.

A few weeks ago my dad was over and mentioned having read an article about a Gender Reveal Party - aka a Sex Party. The basic concept is this: The parents ask the doctor to print a picture of the sex and put it in a sealed envelop, without being told what it is. They then take it to a baker and ask them to bake a cake with either a blue center or a pink center, depending on what the picture shows. Then the parents invite their friends and family over for a party. At the end of the evening, they cut open the cake and everyone finds out together what the sex is, including the parents.

I thought it sounded kind of cute, but didn't think it was for us. Apparently MM didn't agree. Last week I let him talk me into having one of these. I don't quite know how it happened, but there you have it. I honestly didn't think he'd be able to wait to find out. I guess I was wrong. So on Saturday, we've invited about 50 people over and we're all going to find out together what the sex of our baby is. You should have seen some of the responses I got when I sent out invites to a Sex Party.

Since then we've been having very heated debates over what the sex is. I say it's a girl while MM is very firm in his belief (ha, understatement) that it's a boy. He's taken to calling it Baby Blue Cake, because that's what he's sure we're going to see at the party. He's such a crackhead.

What do you think? Baby Blue Cake or Baby Pink Cake?

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