Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weird Cravings

We've all heard the stories about women who had crazy cravings during pregnancy. Pickles and ice cream. Beet soup. Dirt. (yes, I have a friend who craved dirt while she was pregnant).

Me? I've never had really weird cravings. But I have had weird "for me" cravings.

When I was pregnant with The Girl, I craved McDonald's McChicken sandwiches with sweet-n-sour sauce on them. That's pretty much all I could keep down. I'd have at least one a day. I have no idea why I craved them. It was weird for me, because at the time I hated chicken and didn't eat it at all. But man did I snarf on those sandwiches.

With Little Man, I craved Filet-o-Fish sandwiches from McDonald's. Only..I hate those. I think they're nasty. OMG did I want them, but I couldn't stand the taste. So I'd buy a fish sandwich and a hamburger. I'd take one bite of the fish, then a bite of the burger, then the fish, then the burger. That was the only way I could eat it..if I had something to kill the taste in my mouth.

With this pregnancy? Chicken McNuggets with sweet-n-sour sauce. I don't know what it is with me and McDonald's during pregnancy, but OMG do I crave those suckers. MM finds this very amusing. Sometimes one bite will do me, other times I'll eat 10 of them and still want more. It's crazy.

The worst craving I've had so far, though, was for Krispy Kreme donuts. We don't have a KK near here and they stopped carrying them in our local supermarkets ages ago, so it's probably been 5 years since I had a one. But the Saturday before Halloween I got the worst craving for a cream filled glazed Krispy Kreme. I wanted it SO EFFING BAD. I drove to all the stores in town, to make sure they didn't have any, then went to our local bakery and stood in front of the donut case for a good ten minutes. I just couldn't do it, though. I wanted a Krispy Kreme and that was that.

MM was gone with LM doing some boy scout thing all morning, but when he got home that afternoon I told him we were going to find a Krispy Kreme. He tried to talk me out of it, but I was determined to have one. I figured we could drive to a supermarket out of town to get one. MM told me to call around and see who carried them. No one. I seriously called grocery stores from here to 50 miles away and not one had them. I was so frustrated!

MM said he thought there was a KK about an hour away and told me to look it up. Sure enough, there was one 89 miles away. But...89  miles for a donut? Even I'm not that crazy. I told MM to just go down to the grocery store and buy me a donut. I'd make that work. He said, "that isn't going to take care of your craving, babe. We both know it." He was right, but to drive that far for a freaking donut? No. Just no.

Finally MM said, "I'm driving an hour to get a donut. I'm going to be pissed if you aren't in the car with me."

That, my friends, is the reason I married him.

So we drove an hour to get a Krispy Kreme. We decided to get a dozen and bring them home. The kid behind the counter kept telling me the ones on the top shelf were $.50 more or $.20 more or whatever. Finally, after about the 5th time the kid reminded us, MM said "Look, we just drove an hour for these. I don't think $.20 really matters all that much." The look on the kid's face was priceless. I'm sure my face was beet red, but whatever.

I grabbed a little cup of donut holes at the register, and MM and I ate those on the way home. That night after dinner I cut one of the donuts into 4 pieces and we all had one (me, MM, LM and TG). The next morning MM woke me up with the box under my nose. He said, "How about breakfast in bed?". That set the tone for the day. By the time we went to bed, we'd eaten all but two. The next day (Halloween) I had a doctor's appointment. He said, "you had a little sugar in your urine today. No trick-or-treating for you." I said, "That's because I ate a dozen donuts yesterday." and MM laughed.

You know what? It was totally worth it.


nath said...

Awwww :) MM is the man! and LOL, I can imagine the KK guy's face :) Well he got a story out of it :)

I'm glad it was worth it!! Oh and chicken nuggets are good craving :)

Dev said...

Awwwww I miss KK. Ours closed a few years ago :-( Thank God you had one close enough to make a trip for :-)

To quote Nath, MM is the man!

Sheila said...

So do you want me to ship you some Krispy Kremes? LOL

MM is amazing.

My husband had to drive around for an hour and go to four different take out places to find me chili cheese fries while I was pregnant with Little Miss.

Lori said...

LOL! I never liked KK donuts, thank goodness.

When I was pregnant with Jeff, I craved Jack in the Box egg rolls. Who knew they even made egg rolls? But since nobody orders them, they have to make them fresh, so they're piping hot and not greasy.

I don't know if they still make them, because I haven't had one since Jeff was born.

BookGeek said...

You have a great husband it seems like! :) I love KK donuts and just reading about them is getting my crave mode in high gear...

JenB said...

I was crazy about McDonald's my entire third trimester. What is it with that place? Probably has something to do with childhood memories or something, because it certainly isn't the spectacular food!

MM is a good one. You should keep him. :)

Dr J said...

I could so relate to craving stuff I would never go near in a non-pregnancy state. BAby one found me eating green olives by the gallon. I HATE green olives and made sure they were all gone before I went into labor. They would have gotten chucked afterward anyway. Baby two was the rhubarb pie craving. I still sort of like rhubarb pie but usually with strawberries of some such. No--then I had to have the straight stuff. Babies three and four were just eating anything I could get my hands on--until I got torpedoed with pre-ecclampsia with Tracy--what a terrible diet I had then. It probably was really good for me, but it was food purgatory. Think of you daily and sending good thoughts your way.

Kyahgirl said...

that was a hilarious story. Your husband should get an award!

during both my pregnancies I craved bagels, peanut butter and apples. weird, since I'm normally a junk food craver.

Hope you're feeling ok Holly. Thinking of you!


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