Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Only 5 weeks to go. YES! I feel like we're finally on the downhill slide. I am so ready for this kid to get outta me. We saw our doctor yesterday. She's still breech (her head is near my ribcage). I really thought she'd flipped over this week, so I'm totally bummed. If she hasn't turned by the time I go into labor I might have to have a c-section. DO NOT WANT. I'm really hoping she turns! The doctor did tell us today that if we go into labor he won't stop it. I really hope I go into labor early (don't tell MM I said that).

I'm super big and uncomfortable now. Just between you, me and the internet, I've gained 45lbs. FORTY-FIVE. MM assures me it's all baby, but we both know he's lying. Still, a lot of it is baby. My stomach is huge. She's starting to run out of room in there, I think, because her kicks have gotten more painful. She's in my ribs and my pelvis a lot, too, which is muy uncomfortable. Sleeping at night has become almost impossible. I toss and turn all night, trying to find a comfortable position. Either that or I'm getting up to pee. I must get up 5 or 6 times a night. Sometimes more. I'm ready to have my body back.

My feet and ankles are swelling like crazy. My right foot swells more than my left, so it looks like I have one normal foot and a giant club foot. I try not to look at them much, since it just depresses me. The good news is I can't see them unless I work at it, so ignoring them isn't hard.

This past weekend the So Cal Bloggers - Tracy, Lori, Renee, Wendy, Rowena and Nikki - threw me a baby shower. It was a ton of fun. I had a blast playing silly games - Pin the Sperm on the Ovaries - and eating excellent food. We got some great gifts. Lori made us a super fabulous diaper cake that I adore! (I'll share more about the shower and pictures later). Last night MM and I went through them and organized everything. I think I'm moving into the nesting stage. I want to get everything in order, just in case I go into labor.

Speaking of, MM says I'm not allowed to go into labor until at least the 19th of November (my due date is the 27th). He has way too much going on at work before then. Plus, he has it worked out so he'll be off a total of 8 weeks, but that won't work unless I wait until after the 19th. Like I have control over when I got into labor? Riiight. Poor MM, he'll learn someday.

The Girl is starting to get really excited for the baby to come. She's great about putting lotion on my feet and she gives me foot massages. She's always asking if she can rub my tummy, too. She keeps saying she's going to take care of the baby so I don't have to, but we'll see how long that lasts once the crying begins.

Little Man is a little hesitant about the baby. I think he's worried about his place in the family once she's born. I know he'll lover he and be a great big brother, but it's going to take some time for him to adjust to the idea of having a little sister and not being the baby anymore. He's still really creeped out by my stomach and refuses to touch it. It cracks me up. I ask him if he wants to feel her move and he runs. Poor LM.

Last time I promised a picture. MM took this after the shower on Saturday. Here it is, me at 35 weeks:


Jill Sorenson said...

Cute belly! I'm having preggie memories. Baby head resting on bladder, constant pee urges, heartburn. Good times!

Nice that your hubby will be able to take time off.

MarnieColette said...

Aw you look great! I hope the delivery is exactly how you want it. Good luck.

Tracy said...

She didn't turn? OMG you poor thing. She better get her yoga moves going and get into the down facing dog position. lol

I'm so glad you had fun at the shower. I know you feel uncomfortable but you really look great!

JenB said...

8 weeks with a husband underfoot?? OMG!

I mean...uh...yay, MM. O_O

Boooo for breech. I bet she'll flip in the next week or two. And hey, maybe we can have our babies on the same day! Doc is expecting me to be late, and you wanna be early... It's perfect! ;)

JenB said...

Oh, BTW, supposedly if you spend a lot of time on your hands and knees (scrubbing floors, vacuuming baseboards, etc.), you can get the baby to flip that way. Or put an ice pack up high and a hot pack down low. Or play music for her down low.

nath said...

It's great to hear the updates, Holly!!

Awesome about the baby shower, I bet it was a ton of fun :)

So did MM get to feel her? LOL. If you go into labor before the 19th, MM will still have time off from the 19th, so it should still be okay right? :)

It's so exciting for your family :) Hope everything goes well!!

Sheila said...

Annabeth stayed breach but then the whole "six weeks early" happened so whether she had flipped or not didn't matter - we were getting a c-section.

This time around I'm opting for one bc of the risk of complications from a regular birth. Plus, the recovery from the c-section was hella easier than vaginal, I think.

No matter which hole she comes out of though, at least you'll finally be unpregnant! You are a beautiful pregnant person though - freakin' adorable.

Also, I'm with Jen.....eight weeks with him underfoot may drive you insane. But at least you'll be able to drink then :)

Christine said...

I'm hoping she flips before you go into labor. It can definitely happen!

That is FANTASTIC that MM will get so much time off from work. Wow. So awesome!

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