Monday, October 24, 2011

Overheard at Our House

Tonight MM and I went through all our baby gifts, organized them and wrote thank yous. I started washing all the baby clothes we got and I noticed we had a ton of pink stuff. If you'll remember, MM was in charge of the scanner gun for our registry.

Me: We sure got a lot of pink stuff. I wonder how it all ended up on our registry, MM. Seems to me like you were in charge of the registry gun. That makes it your fault.
MM: Hey, it's your fault we got a girl. If we'd gotten a boy like I wanted we wouldn't have pink stuff.
Me: You need to talk to God about that. He's the one in charge of the sex.
MM: You burned down the Sonic. You have the power. If you'd wanted a boy you would have made it happen.

Freaking MM.


Tracy said...

lol Actually you need to tell him it's the sperm that decides the sex of the baby so it really was MM. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear that! :)

DW said...

MM does have a valid point...

nath said...

LOL. Well nobody will have doubts about her sex right? :)

Christine said...

uuhh... I was going to say the same thing that Tracy said. Genetics 101. The sperm determines the gender (males are XX, females XY). Sorry, MM! lol!

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