Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day

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Today, Larissa Ione announced an Anti-Valentines Day contest on her blog. The first paragraph of her post fits me to a T. Check it out (modified slightly):

Yeah, I'm a romance author reader. I write read about love and feelings and happily-ever-afters. But if you've read my books, you know that there's I love a lot of blood, gore, and darkness too. Because ultimately, I'm not the kind of woman who gets all squishy when my husband sends me roses. I'd rather he send me a pair of zombie-stomping boots or a good vacuum cleaner. Yep, that's me, practical instead of romantic.
I probably shouldn't admit this…but…*lowers voice to a whisper* I don't even like weddings. :ohmy: My secret is out.

I am definitely more practical than romantic. When I ask for a vacuum for Christmas I really want a vacuum for Christmas. Although I love flowers as much as the next girl, I'd rather receive a pressure canner or really good knife (my knives are absolute shit..I hate using them) than a bouquet.

I'm sure I've talked about this before, but I've never really been a fan of V-Day. The whole exchanging of valentines in grade school never made sense to me - I didn't get excited to give them or receive them. As I got older my confusion increased. What's the point in having one day to celebrate love? Shouldn't we celebrate love all year round? Plus, I feel like many times women use this as an excuse to demand things from their man. I say, Honey, demand all year long.

But the clincher for me was finding out my ex was cheating on me on V-day. We were on our way to dinner with his brother and he just casually dropped into conversation that he'd been with other women. A lot. Needless to say, this just confirmed my feelings about V-Day. In my mind, it's just another day.

I asked MM last night, "Do you feel cheated because I don't like Valentines day? Like maybe I should buy you a card or some shit?". He gave me the most disbelieving look ever. "Are you kidding me? That's the only reason I married you, so I wouldn't have to buy stuff on V-day." Heh. I heart him.

What about you? Are you all hearts and flowers on Valentines Day, or is it just another day for you? Do you have big plans for the weekend to celebrate?


Katie Reus said...

I hate the whole commercialization (is that a word?) of this day and I really hate cards (for any holiday) so we definitely don't exchange those. I usually get a small gift for the man like a DVD he's been wanting and I'll make his fave dessert, but I do stuff like that anyway so it's not really a V-day thing I guess. With the exception of the first V-day we spent together (where he went crazy with gifts before he really truly knew me) the man just does what I like: cooks me surf and turf and does a little extra in the cleaning dept. We're not anti V-day but we're good to each other year round so this day just seems pointless ;)

Oh, and finding out your ex was cheating on you on V-day? What a douche. No wonder he's your ex :(

Wendy said...

I've never been a big Valentine's Day girl. My Man could totally ignore the day, and I'd be fine with that. That being said, it's kind of hard for me outright poo-poo a day that seem so devoted to chocolate - LOL.

We never do much for V-day. It's usually too insane to try and go out to dinner. And My Man tends to save his Mighty Gift Giving Powers for my birthday and Christmas. So I usually get some candy and flowers....and it's all good.

Dr J said...

V-Day has always seemed more like the day I buy a cheap packet of little valentines so my kids can hand them out at school. Are you kidding? I usually don't get that much for the ole wedding anniversary, not because hubby isn't romantic so much as it is at the wrong end of the month--you know, the "beans before payday" end of the month. We didn't have any money when we married and we don't have much now, either. I think hubby saves a really special kiss and that sort of thing for V-Day, we call our kids and grandkids, and that's about it.

Tabitha said...

Vday is just another day for me. Like you, I rather that love is celebrated constantly and not on the one day that everyone is. The one time my husband (then FI) sent me flowers (because he felt peer pressure from them since they were all at the florist shop, lol) I yelled at him instead of being all giggly and happy. I can't justify spending $200 on flowers that would last only a few days when I can use that money to buy lots of books. Lol!

Um, your ex told you he was cheating on you on a day you were out "celebrating love"? You're well rid of him. :)

Tabitha said...

^Oops, coworkers were the "them" that hubby was with at the florist shop.

--Sunrise-- said...

V-day is definitely just another day for me, I'm from the 'EVERY day should be a day for your lover' day. :) Sucks about the ex, I've been cheated on before, it really REALLY sucks!!

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