Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mama Said

I ordered a new duvet set for my bed. Our bedroom is one of the few places in the house we never decorated. It looks like..well, I guess like a newlywed's room. There's a mismatch of mine and MM's furniture; his dresser and night stand from college, the dresser and nightstand I inherited from my parents years ago, etc. We haven't painted the walls and until today we had a plain white down comforter on the bed.

I don't think I've mentioned it here, but MM and I are talking about moving. We've been researching different areas in Northern California and have settled on one or two we think might suit our family. MM is in the hiring process with two departments there, though we still aren't sure if we want to move. I promise a separate post about that later.

The reason I bring it up now is because I've been hesitant to put any more money into our house, i.e., I don't want to buy paint, etc if we're going to be moving. It just seems silly to sink money into this house when we may not be here another year (we have other home improvement projects planned that we put on hold as well; tiling the kitchen and bathrooms, upgrading the counter tops, etc).

I figured buying some grown up bedding was probably a good compromise. I'd feel like we had a real bedroom and we could take the stuff with us if we move. I got the new stuff in the mail today and washed it right away so I could put the bedroom together (Maybe it's silly, but I was actually pretty excited). We had a dark blue dust ruffle on the bed already, but I liked the light blue one that came with the new bedding. I decided to swap them out.

Now, we have a king sized bed. Moving the mattress was...a PITA. I had to push it off the side of the bed and lean it against the dogs' kennels. But first I had to slide it down, out of the way of MM's nightstand. So I lifted the mattress up and pushed it off the frame. Then I propped it against the dog crates. After adjusting it I set about removing the old dust cover and replacing it with the new one. But apparently I hadn't adjusted the mattress enough because halfway through putting the new one on, the mattress fell. Onto the bed. Where I happened to be.  Let me tell you..that shit hurt! We're not going to talk about how long it took me to get that damned bed skirt on - or how long it took to get the damn mattress off me.

That set the tone for the day.

Later, when I was heading into the kitchen with a full glass of water I tripped over one of the dogs and spilled it all over myself. I also broke a nail, stubbed my toe and tripped over a pair of The Girl's shoes.

Around 2 I put a tri-tip in the crockpot so we could have BBQ tri-tip sandwiches. At 6 MM stuck his nose in it and said, "Did you just put this in?" I said, "No, why?" and he said, "Because it's cold.". I guess instead of turning it on "high" I moved it just past that so the dial was set between "high" and "warm", which, incidentally, turned out to be the setting for "freezing fucking cold".

I transferred it to a pan and put it in the oven with the baked potatoes, but I must have punctured the foil on one of the potatoes because about 10 minutes later the house filled with smoke. I opened the door to find a puddle of olive oil on the bottom of the oven that was in the process of burning crispy.

Luckily dinner was fine - the tri-tip wasn't very tender, but that's to be expected when it only cooked for 45 minutes in the oven. But now I have a tummy ache..I think because I ate too much too fast.

It's just one of those days, I guess. I did find this video to cheer me up, though.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Feeling Blue

I've been feeling kind of blue the last few days. I think there are several factors, the largest being the weather. It's been cold and blustery and not very spring-like, which is making me miss the warm days of summer.

Kay Baby and I wrapped up our weight loss challenge. According to my scale I lost a total of ten pounds, which is...I suppose it's nothing to scoff at, really, but I can't help but feel disappointed. I don't feel any thinner or any healthier, my clothes still fit the same and I still see the same imperfections when I look in the mirror. I think I've decided counting calories and Jazzericse aren't doing it for me, so I'm going to do another 3 month weight loss challenge (this one on my own, I think) and try a new exercise class and Weight Watchers.

I haven't tried WW before, mostly because I'm rather lazy and hate the idea of having to track everything I eat in points. But I've been tracking my calories for months and haven't had a problem, so I think I can do the WW thing. I'm going to sign up to start this week and see how it goes. I also need to cut back on the amount of sodium I have. I've been feeling really bloated and water-logged lately, which I'm sure is a direct result. According to - where I track my calories - my sodium intake for last week was over 20,000 mg. That seems ridiculously excessive, no?

I've also been struggling with the Baby Peanut thing the last few days. I'm really fine for the most part, but...I don't know, I've been seeing a lot of newborns lately and I guess it's just making me blue. Of course this is to be expected - I would imagine I'll struggle with this for a long time to come - and I'm not exceedingly depressed or anything. Just a little sad.

The kids came home from their dad's on Saturday after spending Spring Break with him. As happy was I was to have them home - and I was, believe me - it always takes a few days for them to relax and adjust to being back home. Where they have odious things like rules and vegetables. THE HORROR, I know. By the middle of the week they'll be back to normal - if I'm lucky - but in the meantime I have to deal with temper tantrums and back talk and messy rooms. If only they'd come home the same children they went away...

MM and I have been at odds the last few days. It's rare that we aren't in sync, so it throws me off completely when we are. Things that are very minor seem gigantic when we aren't on our stride. It isn't anything major and I really think we worked it out yesterday, but we had a rough couple of days and I took it much harder than I should have.

I'm just feeling a little blue all the way around.

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