Friday, October 31, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 00:39 Its been the week from hell, but the house is spotless. Party is tomorrow. Then, I'm sleeping for a week.
  • 07:47 Pondering: would it be wrong to call in sick to a job I only work twice a month?
  • 09:53 didn't call in sick, but I'm thinking I should have. There's a huge pile of crap on my desk and no one here but me. :(
  • 11:42 just heard a long time work associate passed away yesterday. He drank himself to death. Very sad. :(
  • 12:12 tummy is feeling very upset after sandwich and chips. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that PayDay?
  • 13:55 Want To Know How I Really Feel About This Election?
  • 14:05 Pondering: Should I be ashamed that I've had 4027 (now 4028) Twitter Updates?
  • 14:32 OMG! I really *d0* talk a lot. Up to 4038 Tweets in the last 20 minutes alone. *sigh* I might need an intervention.
  • 14:36 oh, wait, that's the rage bubbling up.
  • 14:44 hmm, that sounded kind of dirty, didn't it? I swear I'm not a 40 yr old man who lives in his parent's basement.
  • 15:13 feeling like a dirty old woman for looking at (and enjoying) this website. Srsly, they're like 12. o_0
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Want To Know How I Really Feel About This Election?

Monty Brewster said it best in Brewster's Millions.

I'm going to vote, but I really wish there was a box for "None of the Above".

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:24 Tweets for Today
  • 07:54 And now for the real reason I had kids..
  • 08:06 sooo tired! I really, really don't want to clean the rest of the house today. Isn't it enough that I painted and cleaned carpets?
  • 09:38 peeked at my GReader. Haven't looked at it in 2 days. Not as bad as I thought. Only 978 unread.
  • 10:22 just got the nastiest text message EVER from BIL.
  • 11:49 down to 648 unread messages in my GReader. I'm going to have to give up for now, though, b/c I have to finish my cleaning.
  • 13:08 this really cracks me up
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 07:59 spent all day yesterday painting. Today I'm steam cleaning the carpets. Starting to have withdrawals from lack of internet time! :(
  • 10:27 The Wooden Spoon
  • 11:09 off to clean carpets. Oh joy.
  • 16:59 Carpets are finally clean. Omg, I'm sooo effing tired. Ugh.
  • 19:15 Too tired to cook and the house is still torn apart so the carpets can dry. We're having McDonald's tonight.
  • 19:35 Did you know that there is 1150mg of sodium in 1 double cheeseburger from McDonald's? And 23g of fat. Good thing we don't eat out often. O_o
  • 19:59 Reading Unravel Me by Christie Ridgway. Hope its as good as How To Knit A Wild Bikini. Nervous abt the older woman/younger man thing.
  • 20:23 Just found out she's 4 years older. She's 34 and he's 30. But she just thought of him as "young man". Insert eye roll here.
  • 20:28 But her dead husband was, get this, 30 YEARS older than her. *major eye roll*
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The Wooden Spoon

MM's niece spent the past weekend with us.  We haven't seen her much lately and her parents wanted some alone time, so we kept her Friday and Saturday.  She's 5 and totally adorable.  She giggles ALL the time. My sister calls her Tickle Me Elmo, because that's exactly what she sounds like.  It's cute. 

Because she's so cute, she generally gets whatever she wants from her parents and grandparents.  Me and MM?  We're made of stronger stuff than her parents.  Plus, we have 2 kids already and we're used to the puppy dog eyes and the sneaky ploys for stuff.  Little Man and The Girl have pretty much tried everything already and we aren't swayed by a pretty face.

I will give the child points for creativity, though.  She was trying to talk me into a fish this weekend.  I'm thinking this is an ongoing request in her own house, because she kept telling me she couldn't have a fish at home because her cat would eat it.  I'm pretty sure that's just the excuse her mom uses so she doesn't have to buy her one.  She pestered me all weekend about it.  When I mentioned on Friday night (it was just her and I. MM was at work and the kids spent the night with my mom) that we needed to go to Wal-Mart she was all kinds of excited.   "I love Wal-Mart. They have fishes there that have whiskers and slide around and stuff.  You can buy me one and we can keep it at your house because you don't have a cat!"  Yeah kid, I don't think so.  But you know what? Thanks for asking. 

We ended up not going to the store and she fell asleep pretty early on. But she wasn't deterred.  The first thing she said when she woke up was, "Aunt Holly, when is The Girl's birthday?"  I told her it was in December and she said, "Me and you, we need to go buy her something really nice.  Like, you know, a FISH!"  Mmmhmm.  Subtle kid.  Real subtle.  I told MM about it when he woke up, so the first thing he said to her when he walked out of our bedroom was, "We're not buying you a fish, kid" and she said, "It's not for me!  It's for The Girl!!!  For her Birthday!" then she batted her pretty blue eyes at him.  We just rolled our eyes at each other.

Besides begging us for fish, her other favorite past time is asking me to spank MM with the wooden spoon. I have one I keep in the kitchen that I use to threaten him and the kids when they're getting on my nerves (it's also great for smacking knuckles when they're trying to filch food while I'm cooking).  I can't remember exactly when it was, but at some point in the last couple of years she saw me chase MM around the house and spank him with my wooden spoon.  Ever since, she constantly bugs me about it.  Especially since MM loves to tease her about stuff.  This weekend he kept telling her she smelled like poopie.  He kept singing, "You smell like poopie. You smell poopie" and then she's say, "Aunt Holly!  Uncle MM is telling me I smell like poopie!  Can you spank him with the wooden spoon now?"  And I'd say,"What? I didn't hear him say that.  Are you suuuure?" and she'd day, "Yes!  He really needs a spanking with the wooden spoon!"

At one point MM got the wooden spoon out of the drawer and chased her around with it.  To even things up I got another wooden spoon out and gave it to her.  She was delighted.  I really don't think I've ever seen a happier child.  She chased him around and about peed her pants laughing when she caught him and swatted his behind several times.  Well, she was happy until he stole her wooden spoon and chased her around with two of them.  (Then I about peed my pants laughing!)

I'm sure I should probably feel guilty about teaching her it's funny to spank with the wooden spoon, but I really can't be arsed to feel bad.  Plus, it's only her Uncle MM she wants spanked. When I threaten LM or TG she tells me that's naughty. And if I threaten her or her parents she gets all kinds of angry.  "Just Uncle MM!". 

And really, how can I not love her for that?


Monday, October 27, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 15:15 just realized I haven't eaten yet today. I'm starving! Watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network probably isn't helping, either.
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:24 Tweets for Today
  • 10:26 First thing niece says this morning when I get her up, "Aunt Holly, when is The Girl's Birthday?" I told her it was in Dec and she says,
  • 10:28 "Me and you, we need to go get her something really nice. Like, you know, a fish!". She's persistent, no?
  • 16:49 Spent all day cleaning and running errands. Now to make Brats for dinner and relax.
  • 19:39 Family game night. We're paying Bowling on the Wii. MM is Elvis. LM is surfer dude. I'm a punk rocker. Niece is a valley girl. Good times.
  • 20:40 Watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Haven't seen this in ages. Cheesy but good.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 07:47 Can't talk now. Busy reading.
  • 12:22 So far enjoying the story (tho the fish sex was...different) but the prose is flowery and it reads slow. Only on pg 140 so far.
  • 13:27 Yes, fish sex. Gills, scales, a tail, fins. (Are there fins?) Think Mermaids. :) definitely different.
  • 19:42 Phone calls, family drama, kid stuff. All have conspired to keep me from my book today, but I will prevail. Oh yes, I will.
  • 19:48 My niece is trying to talk me into buying her a fish. We can keep it at our house because we don't have a cat. She'll come visit.
  • 19:57 Aunt Holly *bats eyelashes* will you get me a fish? *big smile* you don't have a cat, so it can stay at your house *hugs me* plz???
  • 19:59 Good thing I'm made of stern stuff. Now she's smack talking the Wii Boxing. "You're letting a girl beat you up? Not so tough are you??"
  • 20:05 MM might believe I gave in a bought her a fish. Don't know where he got that idea. *whistles*
  • 20:57 Niece is easily distracted from frozen yogurt and fish with Blues Clues. Now she's sound asleep. Oh, to be 5 again.
  • 21:04 Pondering: does it defeat the purpose of drinking organic milk if I put Hershey's Strawberry syrup in it?
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 08:14 really need to catch up on emails and reviews. My goal is to have them all knocked out today. Wish me luck?
  • 11:54 Book Binge is now loading fine for me. Can y'all visit and let me know if it's working for you?
  • 12:04 ARGH!
  • 12:13 thanks for the feedback everyone. Still working on it.
  • 14:06 the site is back up and running fine. Thanks for being patient with us! ;)
  • 15:01 thinking about making pulled pork quesadillas for supper. Yay or Nay?
  • 16:05 played with the site all day instead of getting my reviews written and emails responded to. Crap. Tomorrow for sure!
  • 19:09 accidentally purree'd more mangoes than I needed, so I made mango margaritas. W/ banana. Yum.
  • 19:23 Drinks with Casee
  • 21:20 Note to self: next time, don't drink the ENTIRE blender full of mango margaritas. Kthx
  • 22:32 @
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Drinks with Casee

Know what happens when you puree more mango than you need for your dinner recipe? You're forced to make mango margaritas. =)

Then you email your BFF and ask her to drink with you so you aren't drinking alone.

Cheers Casee!

Anyone else want to have a drink with us?

Bottoms up!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 08:10 got the kids off to school. Now to have coffee and relax before volunteering at the book fair again.
  • 08:26 just talked to the RB on the phone. Feel like I need a shower now. *shudder*
  • 09:55 Soccer
  • 09:57 hour and a half until the Book Fair. Do I a) clean b) blog hop or c) play the Wii? I haven't been on the Wii in almost a week! Yikes.
  • 11:59 Volunteering at the Book Fair again. Managed to get 20 mins of Rock Band before I came. *g*
  • 14:48 had a great time at the Book Fair sitting around and gossiping w/ the other moms (totally digging this SAHM thing). Now waiting for TG.
  • 16:01 Reading Tall Tales and Wedding Veils by Jane Graves. It's early yet, but so far so good.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 07:52 getting ready for jury duty. Can I wear jeans?
  • 09:09 Got all ready for jury duty, called in and didn't have to report. Now I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go.
  • 13:52 feeling very..annoyed today. Annoyed at MM, annoyed at the kids, annoyed at life and people in general. Beware, people. Beware.
  • 14:54 Sarcasm: Just one of the many services I offer
  • 17:01 never get a good feeling about job listings on Craigslist that say "Women encouraged to apply". Especially when they're signed by a man.
  • 17:04 wow, I can get paid to be a pr0n spammer! And I don't even have to cyber - sex or talk anyone. I do have to pretend I'm going to cyber tho
  • 17:35 is it wrong that I think Paula Dean's son is hot? Pondering: would I think he's hot if he couldn't cook?
  • 18:49 making dinner:grilled lemon pepper salmon, sole stuffed with lobster, long grain wild rice and..what? Spinach? Garlic string beans? Corn?
  • 19:34 OMG, salmon turned out SOOOO good. So did the rice. Corn is almost done. I'm starving now.
  • 21:05 the fat dog is licking the lid to the garbage can. Again. He's not real sharp, that one.
  • 21:10 2nd Notice To Self: You don't have to watch the commercials on the DVR. Fast Forward is your friend. Kthxbai
  • 22:21 every day I open blogger and expect my reviews to have written themselves. Every day I am disappointed. ::sad::
  • 23:09 ack, must go to bed. Eyes heavy, dogs snoring..Nite all!
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Sarcasm: Just one of the many services I offer

The title of this post is on a button I received from a co-worker a few years ago. We both laughed at the time, because, well, we do sarcasm extremely well.

Today my motto feels like:

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you thought I gave a shit.


Oh, I'm sorry, did you think I cared?

Obviously I'm not at my best today.

You know, Death by Amoeba doesn't sound so bad today. Whether I prefer they kill me or someone else remains to be seen, however.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 07:44 MM woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I got yelled at for ruining his "effing Monday morning! Again!" I should beat him?
  • 10:14 SAHM Activity for the Day: volunteer at the kids' school w/ the PTA. I'll be working the Book Fair. Seems fitting, no?
  • 11:41 @ school volunteering. Its super quiet in here right now. Kind of eerie.
  • 12:24 It's always funny when it doesn't happen to you
  • 15:04 home from volunteering at school. Now to do laundry and start dinner. MM doesn't get any, though (clean laundry OR dinner).
  • 16:46 Crap. Just realized I have to report for jury duty tomorrow morning. I so wanted to sleep in.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 09:23 He's So Naughty
  • 11:24 trying to find special font for Bingeaduckia. *sigh* I'm hopelessly clueless, though.
  • 16:16 making pot roast for dinner. Entire house smells yummy. I'm starving!
  • 19:02 watching Entourage. I heart this show.
  • 19:50 off to the grocery store.
  • 20:42 Watching "Half Man-Half Tree" on TLC. Very sad. :-(
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He's So Naughty

I was at work on Friday and got a text message from a number I didn't recognize. Even though I didn't recognize the number, I knew who had sent it as soon as I read the message. It said:

What are you wearing? I'm picturing you naked right now!

Our former receptionist was visiting with me, so I just rolled my eyes and laughed. Apparently that wasn't good enough though, because a few minutes later I got another one.

No reply? That's cold after last night

Now, you might be thinking this is odd, but it's not the first time I've gotten dirty text messages from some random number. And yes, they were from MM, even if they didn't come from his number. I replied back:

I told you not to contact me at this number! My husband will freak out.
About an hour later I get another text from the same number, this time it says:

Ur husband is a true instigator. See what happens when he has access to my phone?

It was signed by his dive team captain. Only my husband would use his captain's phone to send me dirty texts. Of course, not one to let him off the hook, I texted back and said:

Uh huh, sure it was him. *skeptical*
He laughed and replied:

Ur an instigator too. Ha!
MM told me later that his captain was cracking up at us, especially after I told him I was skeptical. He said, "You're both instigators" and MM said, "I know, that's why we're so good together." He's such a dork.

He tried to convince me later when I brought it up that he hadn't sent them to begin with. "Yeah, the guys stole my phone and got your number. They just thought they'd be funny. I was pissed when I realized what they'd done." Ok, dumbass. That might have worked on me if you hadn't done it before! Sheesh.

He did tell me that the captain thought about it for a minute and decided he better delete those texts. That probably wouldn't look so good if his wife found them. I told MM, "I'd probably get a phone call at 2 in the morning!" He just laughed.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 09:23 Tagged: Six Random Things About Me - With a Twist
  • 17:23 craving comfort food. What should I make? Meatloaf? Ooh, chicken w/ mashed potatoes and gravy sounds good...
  • 20:57 @
  • 21:55 MM is getting all worked up while watching COPS. I'm not sure if I'm amused or worried.
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Tagged: Six Random Things About Me - With a Twist

Last week Sarah tagged me for this Six Random Things About Me meme. But, well, I couldn't think of any more random things about myself that I hadn't told you. So I asked MM to do it for me. Basically he dictated and I typed.

Without further ado: Six Random Things About Me, as told by MM

1) I constantly tell him I'm fat. (In my defense, I've gained about 20lbs since we got married. I'm not fat, but I'm definitely not thin like I was)
2) I use the phrase "jerkyface" a lot, towards him. (and he totally deserves it)
3) I have a weird "sock folding" issue. (I don't really know what that means, but I think he means that I don't pay attention and mis-match them sometimes.)
4) I'm an awesome cook. (aww, he's sweet)
5) Every time he catches me doing something stupid I smile at him thinking it will get me out of it. It always works. (he said the always works part, just so you know)
6) I'm secretly afraid of parking in the garage. (although, this isn't so secret after I side-swiped the front fender last week while pulling into the garage)

So, there you have it. I'm going to tag the last 6 people who commented on this blog:

Carolyn Jean
Rowena (aka

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 23:25 to bed for me. Working tomorrow. Blech.
  • 07:48 work today. Blech.
  • 10:29 n0t much has changed in the month I've been off work. Actually, doesn't feel any different at all.
  • 10:53 Another So Cal Blogger Meet Up
  • 10:55 is blogger down? I can't login and nothing is loading for me.
  • 12:55 Pondering: Should I eat the cold blueberry pancakes I brought for lunch, or go get something from a drive thru?
  • 14:54 feeling very sick all of a sudden. Food poisoning takes like 6 hrs, right?
  • 18:11 Thinking about making Spinach Pasta w/ Salmon Cream sauce for dinner. Yay or nay? or Sun Dried Tomato Pasta w/ ground turkey?
  • 21:41 had to tuck MM in. This is his new thing. No idea where it came from, but there you go. And yes, MM is my husband.
  • 23:08 bedtime. I can barely keep my eyes open, but I want to read. Good thing I've got all day tomorrow. =)
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Another So Cal Blogger Meet Up

Rosie is busy planning another So Cal Blogger meet up.  If you live in So Cal and would like to meet up with the rest of us Romance Junkies, I really hope you contact one of us and let us know.  We even have a few additions this time around (Tracy and Alys), so if you're thinking about attending for the first time you won't be the only newbie.  =)

So far we've got Rosie, Lori, Nikki, Wendy, Rowena, Daphne, Tracy, Alys and me.  We're looking at November 8th, but that date isn't concrete yet.  Let one of us know if you're interested in joining us. 

Much love,


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 07:24 Conversations
  • 10:33 I heart Ethan. *sigh* That is all.
  • 14:21 Pondering: Should I clean or play the Wii?
  • 14:22 in the interest of full disclosure: I've done nothing but read so far today. Nothing. I haven't even eaten.
  • 14:43 probably should have done the Wii Fit body test BEFORE eating leftover lasagna. *headkes*
  • 14:43 hmm...or *headesk* either way, you get the point.
  • 15:47 Kicked ass in the Super Hula Hoop exercise on the Fit. Or maybe it kicked my ass since I'm pretty sure I'm dying now.
  • 18:47 Making breakfast for dinner again. Pancakes, sausage, potatoes O'Brian and scrambled eggs. I love breakfast food.
  • 20:12 watching Speeders w/ MM. Couple that just got pulled over ha SKUNKS for pets. Yes, SKUNKS. Talk about Redneck...
  • 21:23 I Heart Your Blog Too!
  • 21:30 Iron Chef America's secret ingredient is beer tonight. It's making me thirsty.
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I Heart Your Blog Too!

I've been really bad about neglecting this blog, so I was double surprised when I got several I Love Your Blog awards.  Honestly, I love all of you, too!  (did I miss anyone?  Let me know and I'll add you)

I tried to nominate some blogs that didn't already have love, but I'm not sure if I accomplished that.  If you haven't already, go visit the ones I mentioned below and say hi.

Here are the directions for this award:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

Ana from Aneca's World
I've been reading Ana's blog every day for close to a year and a half (I think). I adore her book reviews and I've found a ton of new recipes thanks to her. 

Missy from Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
Like Ana, Missy is someone I've been reading for years.  She's hilarious and her crazy life crack me up.  Worldwide by-the-seat-of-your-pants trips, thesis's that won't write themselves, tales of woe in the winter.  She has it all. 

Kay Baby from O.Kay
As Kay is always telling me, she's the most awesome of awesome and ZOMG, she has sexy hair!  Go check that shit out for yourself.

Kristie from Kristie Loves Books
Kristie and her dedication to reviewing the books she reads make me feel like a slacker.  But I love reading what she has to say (though my pocketbook often doesn't thank me).

Daphne from Daphne's Adventures
Daphne has been more of a slacker than me lately, but I love her like my cop husband loves donuts.  Daphne, come back!!

Sunshine from Beautiful Dreamer
My Drew-Bean hasn't been blogging long, but I love visiting her over there.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but we've known each other since grade school. She was my first friend when I moved to South Dakota, and she's been my best friend pretty much ever since.  We lived about a block away from each other all through high school. 

Casee from Srsly
Casee and I have been friends for about 3 years now, but we hardly see each other now that she's moved Idaho (she used to live in Northern Cali), so I was really happy when she started a personal blog so I can keep up with all her random day-to-day stuff. 

There you have it.  7 previously un-nominated (I think) blogs. 

Go forth and share the love, will you?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 00:32 cleaned out the GReader, wrote a blog for my personal blog and one for my mom blog and scheduled posts for the book blog. Now to bed.
  • 07:23 Homework Hell
  • 09:09 just got a spam email and it said, "FILL IN YOUR NAME HERE wants you to know...". Even the spammers are slacking today.
  • 10:03 our site is loading soooooo slooooowwwwww. WTF? It's driving me CRAZY!!!
  • 16:59 frustrated with both children. Again. Why is homework such a big deal? Just do it already! ugh.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 07:37 Got out of bed late b/c its freezing in here. Tis all MM's fault.
  • 08:13 the trackball on my phone just stopped working. WTF?? Hey, maybe I can get a Pink Curve now...hmmmm.....
  • 08:31 every time the fridge opens the leftover pizza calls to me. Cold pizza for breakfast? The idea has merit.
  • 10:06 sooo tired. Thinking a little nap might be in order for today.
  • 11:32 watching House Hunters International. I kind of don't understand why they want to buy a 5000sf house now that all their kids have moved out.
  • 11:44 Note to Self: You don't have to watch the commercials when you're replaying a recorded show from your DVR. Dumbass.
  • 16:47 making homemade lasagna for dinner tonight. Simmering the sauce now, smells so good!
  • 20:15 Just in case you were wondering, the lasagna was BOMB. I'm totally stuffed. Good times.
  • 20:53 Eavesdropping
  • 21:22 Direct MM Quote: You're the jerkiest jerk-munch in the whole jerk nation. Yes, he was talking to me.
  • 21:23 My Biggest Kid
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My Biggest Kid

Have I mentioned before that MM is like a large child? I'm sure I must have. At least once or twice.  Right?

One of the dangers of having a large child for a husband is shopping for Halloween Candy. In years past, we didn't really buy any candy, because we were always out Trick-or-Treating with the kids during the peak times. We might get a few stragglers at the end of the night (usually the older kids who were making their second rounds), but nothing a bag or two wouldn't cover.

This year, since Halloween is on a Friday, we're having a party at our house. We're going to do some traditional games like bobbing for apples, and we'll probably play the Wii and maybe do karaoke. We'll have chili and snacks and whatever else.

Since we're having the party, we figured either one of us or maybe one of my parents will be here to hand out candy, so we decided to pick some up at WalMart last night. Well, I decided we should pick up "some". Apparently MM had a different idea. I say apparently because my idea of "some" candy is absolutely not 19 bags. My idea is like 5 bags. But MM just kept throwing bags in. And more bags. And more bags. Our entire cart was almost completely filled with candy. You think I'm joking? Yeah, check it out....

Of course, just buying the candy isn't really enough to make him a large child. It's his reason for doing so that makes him a large child. And what might that be, you ask? Well, so he can eat all the leftovers, of course.

He even set aside the really good candy (the Reeces, the PayDays and the Skittles) to be used, "last and only if they're really begging!"

This is my husband, people. Feel sorry for me, won't you?

PS: Just in case you can't tell from the picture, that's about $110 worth of candy. We're going to be the most popular house on the block come Halloween.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 14:00 MM kept me up all night, so I slept all day. Now outside to put up Halloween decorations. We're festive. *g*
  • 15:35 first time I've logged on the internet all day. I'm proud of me!
  • 21:44 finished decorating the house. Well, kind of. We need to get a few more things. But it looks cute.
  • 22:53 So..
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..turns out y'all don't like my Twitter posts being the only content on this blog.  When I posted about MM calling me Pooks the other day, I got more comments about "finally" than I have in a long time. Even MM said something about.  "Baby, you finally updated your blog!  I wasn't going to say anything, but it's been a really long time since you updated. I kind of wondered what you were doing all day since you're just sitting around." 

Thanks babe. I love you too.

But, point taken.  I need to stop being lazy and actually post more.  Ok, fine.   I will. 

So, how about that Wii Fit? 


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 23:49 Logged 1hr 5mins on the Wii Fit. I am sooooo going to pay for that tomorrow. I needed it after the blondies, though.
  • 11:28 forgot to put brisket in crockpot this morning. I really need to work on this whole memory thing. I guess we'll be having dinner late. sigh
  • 12:57 cripes, it's 50 degrees outside. BRRRRRRRRR
  • 15:14 put the brisket in the slow cooker and the entire house now smells good. I'm starving!
  • 16:06 just scraped the front fender of our car pulling into the garage. *headesk*
  • 18:40 just finished dinner. Brisket turned out great. Maybe too great..I'm sooo full.
  • 20:57 letting the kids play w/ the Wii Fit (they've been grounded since we got it and couldn't try it). LM is 20 in Fit years and TG is 28. Heh
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 23:38 don't freak out, but I'm actually working on a blog post for my personal blog. Amazing concept, I know...
  • 00:23 in case you weren't aware: My husband is a dork. That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  • 00:53 I'm Pookalicious
  • 11:56 slept late today. It was niiiice.
  • 12:41 updating the blog and thinking about writing a review...maybe.
  • 12:46 OMGWTF?!? I just stood next to my daughter in the kitchen and SHE'S TALLER THAN ME!!! When did THAT happen???? ::cries::
  • 17:30 need some ideas for dinner tonight. Any suggestions?
  • 19:41 Decided on clam chowder bread bowls for dinner. Got the bread bowls in the oven browning and the soup simmering on the stove. Smells good.
  • 19:49 Making Maple Butter Blondies for dessert. Got the Applebees recipe online. Can't wait to see if they turn out the same.
  • 20:22 Clam chowder bread bowls
  • 21:44 maple butter blondies are YUMMY, but sadly NOT the same as the Applebees ones. Oh well, maybe next time.
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Clam chowder bread bowls

Made these for dinner tonight. They turned out really good.

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I'm Pookalicious

On Wednesday, MM and I celebrated 3 years together.  Can you believe it's been three years already?  I can't.  Some days I feel like it's been forever, and others it seems like it was just yesterday. I still can't believe we're married.  My tummy does this weird flip thing every now and again when I think about it.  Hearing him say "My Wife" or seeing his last name on mail addressed to me still makes me pause.  It's weird.

To celebrate our anniversary (sort of anniversary?) I'm going to share a fun "MM is a dork" story with you.  Do you remember a while back I did a Thursday 13 blog about 13 pet names MM has for me? At the time, his #1 favorite was Pudding Pop.  He used to call my office and ask our receptionist for Pudding Pop.  He even put it on the iPod be bought me for my Birthday last year.  "For My Pudding Pop, Love MM".  (As an aside, I'm sure you've realized by now that MM isn't MM's real name.  However, on my iPod?  He really put, "Love MM".  He's really embraced this whole blog thing, no? I think he likes being infamous.)

Around the first of the year, MM decided he needed a new nickname for me.  I'm not sure why he decided this, but we actually had a conversation about it.  He thought about it for awhile and came up with Pookie.  Yes, you read that right. Pookie.  Why Pookie?  The world may never know.  Evidently it made sense in MM's brain, though I'm not surprised that's the only place it makes sense.

Of course, this is MM we're talking about, so it didn't just stop there.  He decided Pookie was kind of "yuppie" for me, so he also gave me a ghetto version and a stripper version.  The ghetto version?  Pooks.  You know, like Pooh-but with a K at the end.  Hmm.  Looking at it typed out like that isn't very flattering to me, is it?  Course, that leaves my stripper name.  Yep, as the title of this post suggests, it's Pook-A-Licious.   Like Fergalicious, only...not.  Although he does, on occasion, modify the song for me.  "She's Pookalicious, so hot hot hot".  Only my husband, people.  Only mine.

Now, you might be thinking, "But Holly, that's private. You shouldn't be sharing that with us!"  Normally I'd agree with you. If MM wants to call me cheesy nicknames in the comfort of our own home, well, it's the comfort of our home.  Only, MM doesn't call me that just in the privacy of our own home.  No, he calls me Pooks and Poookie and, yes, even Pookalicious in public. Wal-Mart.  Or, you know, when we're on the phone and he's at the station.  Even when he's out with the boys, I'll call and he'll answer by saying, "What's up, Pooks?"  *headesk*

I figure if all the people in my real life have to be subjected to this, you all in Blogland might as well be, too.  Don't believe me?  Ask Missy. She got to experience it firsthand.  Lucky her.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 08:00 it's 54 degrees this morning and I'm freezing! Stupid MM talked me in to sleeping w/ the slider open last night. Brrrrrrrrrr
  • 08:47 had to drive The Girl to school. I swear, she is the most irresponsible, unorganized child ever! She'll be the death of me yet.
  • 09:22 feeling like a moron. Ordered 5 books from Amazon yesterday and accidentally checked "overnight" shipping. No wonder the total was $50...
  • 10:31 to be fair, living in the desert, I never have to give up my flip flops. But I do so love my winter shoes!
  • 11:44 starving to death. What to eat for lunch? Healthy food? Nah...
  • 13:00 CRAP IN THE FACE! How is it one o'clock already and I've done absolutely nothing? Argh. This SAHM stuff isn't for the easily distracted!
  • 14:23 had leftover tacos for lunch. Now watching Pushing Daisies from Wednesday. Then..maybe a nap.
  • 18:12 thinking bad thoughts about MM right now. I'm still sick, and it's all his fault.
  • 22:46 watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. Well, sort of. I watched half of it, did the dishes, then watched the last few minutes. Kind of cute.
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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 00:34 Ok, I think I fixed the template. wellk, sort of. *crosses fingers*
  • 08:18 sooo tired. zzzzzzzz
  • 08:59 Pondering: Would it be wrong to eat Scotcheroos for breakfast?
  • 10:15 ended up eating Scoterroos for breakfast. Feel pretty good about it, actually. In case you were wondering....
  • 12:00 ok, srlsy going to clean now. No, I mean it this time. I'm not here anymore, I'm off cleaning. Stuff. Maybe.
  • 12:58 Ok, so I'm feeling much refreshed after my 10 minute (coughcough) power nap and really am going to clean now. I really mean it this time.
  • 14:47 Just realized the pottery on MM's dresser was made for him by his ex-girlfriend. Not sure how I feel about that...
  • 15:03 There is an embarrassing amount of dust in my bedroom. O_o yikes!!
  • 16:20 I don't want to cook tonight. We can have leftovers or we can eat out. Up to you.
  • 16:21 That last tweet was actually meant for MM. *headesk*
  • 19:23 MM decided he didn't want leftovers. We're on our way out to eat. :D
  • 20:03 OMG I'm freezing! I think fall has arrived. Uh, did I mention that it's 71 degrees? *g*
  • 20:39 On the phone w/ my mother-in-law. She can talk for day and days. I love it. Ha!
  • 21:27 Playing (Lil) Green Patch on Facebook. No idea WTF I'm diong, but it's kind of fun.
  • 21:45 feels a migraine coming on. Not good. Not good at all.
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 23:22 Use "Contradict" In A Sentence
  • 00:12 OMG! I was down to 25 unread posts in my GReader and then 15 new ones popped up at once! WTF??
  • 01:18 GReader - CLEAR! WOOT!!!! That's right, bitches, my GReader is totally clean. 0 unread. YAY!
  • 01:24 crap, 3 new posts in my GReader. *sigh* I give up.
  • 01:45 can't keep my eyes open anymore. To bed for me. G'Night.
  • 08:15 thinking about going back to bed. While I think, I'm watching the debate from last night. Probably not the best way to start my day.
  • 08:23 Trick-or-Treat
  • 09:45 finished watching the debate. Sadly, I'm left with more questions than answers.
  • 10:30 Pondering: Should I feel depressed or excited that my whole body aches from playing the Wii Fit?
  • 11:18 OMG! Flies driving me effing crazy again today. I will kill those bastards. Oh yes I will...
  • 11:32 Ha! One down, three to go. Bastard flies are going DOWN.
  • 12:55 today is mine and MM's 3 year anniversary. That kind of makes my tummy flip-flop. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, others like forever.
  • 13:03 See! I can be sweet and sappy, dammit.
  • 13:29 watching the end of Designed to Sell on HGTV. During open house, little kids jumping on homeowners bed. Srsly? (cont)
  • 13:30'd let your kids jump on a strangers bed? On National Television? Rude.
  • 13:30 going to do stuff.
  • 15:49 today my Wii Fit age is 44. WTF? yesterday it was 25. 0_o On a good note, it says I lost another 2lbs. Only 9lbs to go. Woot!
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 08:30 woke up feeling much better. Throat is still a bit scratchy, but nothing like it's been. Still, I probably shouldn't have had coffee...
  • 09:54 OMG! Just looked at myself in the mirror for the first time this morning. No *wonder* the kids wouldn't kiss me goodbye this morning. EEK!
  • 11:39 GReader keeps multiplying. Every time I look there are 5 or 6 or 7 or 10 new unread posts in there. ::Scared::
  • 12:16 told MM I was def. buying The Testicle Cookbook now that he's at Sonic w/o me (again!)
  • 12:19 for those of you who are curious, this is what happened last time MM went to Sonic w/o me.
  • 12:45 the end is in sight! Only 216 unread left in my GRreader.
  • 13:01 Huh. When I got up to go to the bathroom there were 187 unread posts in my GReader. When I came back there were 257. *yikes*
  • 13:08 Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake? That's
  • 13:16 So close to conquering the GReader, but alas, I must get off the couch and do something. I will beat this thing eventually. Oh yes I will!
  • 13:52 Wow, vacuuming makes the house look cleaner. Who knew?
  • 15:20 there are flies in my house. At least three of them. Driving me absolutely crazy. So far, they allude my swatter.
  • 16:29 According to the Wii Fit I've lost 1.3lbs since yesterday and my Fit age went from 32 to 25. Ha!
  • 17:49 internet has been wonky all day, in and out in and out. Now it won't let me sign in to chat. WTF???
  • 18:11 Authors, if you have a personal blog, or an author blog, blog on it. If you don't have time, shut it down. But don't have your asst blog 4 u
  • 18:12 ...That screams *tacky* or *I'm too busy to visit w/ u lowly readers myself* to me.
  • 19:17 Had tacos for dinner. Feeling very full and content right now. Do I ruin it by turning on the debate? Or do I read instead?
  • 21:04 brain hurts. Can't think. It's all Sybil's fault.
  • 21:17 finally watched Pushing Daisies from last week. I heart that show.
  • 21:21 Iron Chef America cracks me up
  • 22:17 WTF? Iron Chef tied?!?! I've never seen that before.
  • 22:19 for those of you following along at home, I'm down to 169 unread in my GReader. I'm determined to clear it out before bed.
  • 23:06 only 75 unread blog posts left in my GReader. Woot!
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Monday, October 06, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 07:55 still sick. Hoping against hope the Advil I took will help.
  • 08:10 oatmeal sounds good. Hmm...Can I eat oatmeal when I'm sick?
  • 12:22 eating leftover pasta from CPK for lunch. Yummy.
  • 19:30 drinking hot tea and relaxing. Took a 3 hour nap earlier and I'm still read for bed. Being sick sucks big donkey balls.
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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:23 Tweets for Today
  • 01:59 down to 135 unread posts in my GReader. I'm too tired to read the rest. Off to bed for me.
  • 11:22 Off to the store. Need cold medicine and a Wii Fit. Wish me luck.
  • 13:19 Just left Target w/ a Wii Fit. Woot! Now to eat at CPK, then to Borders. Woot again.
  • 14:51 Holy crap, this being sick thing is for the birds. I'm hot then cold, hot then cold. I'm achy and tired and stuffy and miserable. Whiney too
  • 16:43 Almost home, finally. Got a lot accomplished today, which is good. I'm ready for a nap, though.
  • 21:21 watching MM play on the Wii Fit. He's "overweight" so the Wii made him chubby. Now it's throwing cleats at his head. I like this game.
  • 21:25 watching MM do the "hoola-hoop" exercise on Wii Fit is probably the highlight of my day.
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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 14:40 my Google Reader scares me. A lot.
  • 19:40 MM got me sick. My head and throat hurts, my body is achy, I hurt. Ugh. Stupid MM!
  • 22:01 lost our Neosporin..where could it be? I ripped MM's toenail off, so we need it ASAP. *eg*
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Friday, October 03, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:52 Tweets for Today
  • 08:14 woke up with a headache this morning. Fighting with Little Man about his homework didn't help any. Back to bed? Or suffer through it?
  • 10:56 kind of wondering why it's anyone's business who I'm voting for. What happened to that being a personal - and private - choice?
  • 12:36 sorry twits, got a phone call and am now off to do lunch w/ my mama. I'll come back later to play w/ you. :0)
  • 15:54 Just got done doing lunch and shopping w/ the Devil Woman. I kind of like hanging out w/ her now that we don't work together everyday.
  • 16:49 scared to open google reader. It's been 3 days. I'm betting there'll be close to 1000 unread posts in there. ::cringe::
  • 16:50 I'm such a dork. Forgot I cleared out GReader last night before bed. Only 254 unread in there right now. Whew. ::sigh of relief::
  • 19:52 Telephone
  • 21:23 See what being jobless will get you....
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See what being jobless will get you....

....Damn near perfection. Heh.
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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 07:53 Coffee. I needs it.
  • 09:36 writing a review and realized I can't type and/or spell today. Very frustrating.
  • 09:50 Ok, so maybe it's not quite that bad, but it feels like it.
  • 10:34 really need to get housework done. BBL. Maybe.
  • 10:40 said I was going to clean but added 2 new blogs to my already overwhelming list in Google Reader instead. I need an intervention.
  • 12:14 Heh. Paula Dean is trippin' b/c her son uses canned spinach. Not that I'm watching t.v. instead of cleaning or anything...
  • 12:37 Mr. Clean died today? Sad.
  • 14:10 Pondering: should I finish folding linens (blech) or try to get perfect score on Rock Band?
  • 14:26 Note to self: unless you plan to start ironing sheets (I'm srsly not) don't leave them in a laundry basket for 2 days. Kthx
  • 15:14 Crap! Busted a drumstick in half. Son of a - ....
  • 15:21 folded half the linens, then played Rock Band for 20 mins. Probably would have played longer but need to go buy drumsticks. :(
  • 15:23 MM is teh mean: When I told him I busted the drumstick he said, "You dumbass!" *sniffle*
  • 21:52 Had fun at book club meeting. Good discussion of Twilight. Scotcheroos were a big hit.
  • 22:09 How did I end up with 290 unread emails? *headesk*
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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tweets for Today

AKA: Random Thoughts by Holly

  • 23:22 Tweets for Today
  • 23:52 I Blame Twitter
  • 00:24 Almost finished with Forever My Love by Kleypas. So far so good. I had no ides there was a LK I hadn't read, much less two.
  • 07:35 Going back to bed after the kids leave for school. Shh, don't tell the sick boy that has to go to work.
  • 11:14 MM is interviewing for a new position at work today. Is it wrong of me to be sending him dirty text messages while he's testing?
  • 13:26 had a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch. Sooo good. Brought back good memories from childhood. Only thing missing? Bananas!
  • 16:36 Odd Me Fact: I really like the word "Snack". Don't know why, but I do.
  • 18:05 no idea what to make for dinner. I'm totally uninspired. HELP! Something quick and easy I can make w/ the stuff in my pantry, plz. kthx
  • 19:44 Finally finished the Lisa Kleypas. Twitterland is bad for my reading, just FYI. Now I need to review it.
  • 20:52 ended up making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. It was good, but now I'm really full.
  • 21:01 was invited to a book club tomorrow night. Discussing Twilight. I'm kind of nervous. I only know the lady that invited me.
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