Saturday, August 30, 2008


See his hand in his pocket? Cute!

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Poor MM

MM went to work at 6 last night, got caught up in a shitstorm and didn't get home until about 11 this morning. Poor baby.

He decided he should probably just stay up and go to bed early tonight, rather than jacking up his sleep schedule further by going to sleep now.

I went into our bedroom to fold a load of laundry and when I came back out I found him asleep on the couch. Awww.

Do I wake him or let him sleep?

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look At Me - I'm A Mommy Blogger Now

As if I didn't have enough things to do during the day, Casee and I have no started a Mommy Blog. We've titled it Not Dead Yet and it will be a place for us to discuss the various trials and tribulations of being moms. Ok, you can translate that to us mostly ranting and raving about our children. Plus, it's a good place to remind ourselves that we're grateful to still be alive - and free from jail. ;0)

Come play with us?

Oh, and stay tuned, because I think MM might guest blog there shortly. Scary, I know.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday I followed MM to work. A couple years ago he bought an old Acura Integra (I think it's a 1994??) to use as a commuter car, since we have to drive about 45 miles to work one direction. He also had a motorcycle, but until recently he didn't have his full motorcycle license, so he couldn't ride it on the freeway or carry passengers (We also have my 4Runner and a Jeep, in case you were wondering....). Since gas prices started skyrocketing we've been trying to find ways to cut down on our monthly fuel expenses.

We were talking about selling MM's motorcycle, but decided it would be better for us if he kept and it rode it to work, which would leave the Acura free for me to drive. Since it costs about $40 to fill, as opposed what it costs to fill the 4Runner, and it gets better overall gas mileage, it makes sense all the way around. Especially since the last time I figured out our monthly fuel expenses we were spending about $980 a month to commute. Ouch.

But I digress. The point is, MM has been taking the motorcycle to work and I've been taking the Acura. Got it? Ok, on with the story then...

I grew up in South Dakota (still have a story for you about that..remind me later), just outside of Sturgis, home of the annual motorcycle rally. I was born in Ill, into a large Italian family who all have a love of motorcycles. Basically what I'm trying to tell you here is that motorcycles turn me on. In a big way. Seeing MY man on a motorcycle? The biggest turn on yet.

So yesterday, MM and I left the house at the same time. He was ahead of me and as I followed behind him, I was entertaining all kinds of fantasies. Oh come on, like you all wouldn't if you saw a hot, sexy guy on a motorcycle? Or your husband. Whatever (hee hee).
As I'm cruising along checking him out and having these fantasies, I think to myself, "Self, what are you doing? You should be taking pictures of this so you can look at it any time you want." Not a bad idea, if I do say so myself...(ha).

So I pull out my trusty cell phone and click open the camera. I snap a picture and then check the screen to see how it looks. Crap in the face, there's an error message on it. "Memory full, cannot save file." Well, hell. It was a great shot, too.

Now as I'm sure you recall, I'm driving while doing this. So in the name of safety I decided to give up and worry about getting a photo some other time. But then we hit a stretch of open road with no traffic on it and I thought, "Dude, I can totally delete a couple pics now w/o endangering myself or others." And I was right..I was able to delete some older pictures w/ little to no fuss.

Unfortunately, by the time I was finished with that we were merging onto the freeway. Yeah, probably not the best place to be taking photos while driving, eh? So I gave up once again. I have to tell you, I was pretty disappointed. I'd gotten myself all psyched up to get a picture of MM on his bike to look at later, and now I couldn't do it. I sulked for a minute, then thought, "Screw it" and snapped a couple pictures through the windshield anyway. Yeah yeah, I probably shouldn't have, but it's done now, so ha!

Only..not so ha!, because the quality of the pictures (yes, all <s>5</s> of them) sucked. Well, hell. Once again, disappointed and saddened, I give up my dream. Ah, but as Fate would have it, the picture was meant to be after all. Because just after we got off the freeway we hit a red light.

Woot! That picture is mine now, bitches.

Snickering with glee, I whipped out my phone and leaned over to snap a pic through the passenger side window. That's right, you losers can bow down to the greatness that is me. I check the screen and hey, not bad, but the camera was still zoomed in from my earlier attempts on the freeway, so I decided I should take one more, because the light was still red and I really wanted a full body shot. I lift my phone again and get ready to hit the button when I glance at my rear view mirror.

Can you see what's coming next here?

Yeah, the woman in the car behind me? She totally busted me. The look on her face was priceless. I was seriously tempted to turn around and snap a picture of her, because the "What the fuck are you doing?" look she was giving me was hilarious. But even better was the look of speculation she got on her face when she looked at MM. Almost like, "Hmm, maybe I should snap a picture, too".

Before I could do anything, though, the light turned green and I had to move. But I'm telling you, I laughed all the way to work.

Poor MM, he's so objectified. *g*


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funny Olympic Quotes

My day started out really well and then went right to shit. So instead of telling you my hilariously funny story about how I got busted taking pictures of MM this morning, I'm going to share this funny w/ you instead. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow I'll tell you about getting busted. I might even share my awesome pictures with you. If you're lucky.


Subject: Olympic quotes

Here are the top nine comments made by sports commentators so far during the Summer Olympics that they would like to take back:

1. Weightlifting commentator: 'This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing.

2. Dressage commentator: 'This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother.

3. Paul Hamm, Gymnaist: 'I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.

4. Boxing Analyst: 'Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious.

5. Softball announcer: 'If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again.

6. Basketball analyst: 'He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces.

7. At the rowing medal ceremony: 'Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the IOC president is hugging the cox of the British crew.

8. Soccer commentator: 'Julian Dicks is everywhere. It's like they've got eleven Dicks on the field.

9. Tennis commentator: 'One of the reasons Andy is playing so well is that, before the final round, his wife takes out his balls and kisses
them... Oh my God, what have I just said?'

Monday, August 25, 2008

Powerful Women's Motto

This really made me laugh, and I thought it would be a good Monday morning pick-me-up. The picture seemed oddly fitting for today, too...what does that tell you?

Powerful Women's Motto:

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says...

Oh %&*#... "she's awake!!"

(Now, THAT's what I'm talk'n 'bout!)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

OMG! Death by Brain Eating....Amoeba?

more animals

Last week MM was out of town for Dive Team Training. He's on the department Dive Team, and he had a full week of training, which translates to a full week of diving in various lakes and swimming pools. Yes, I know, I hate him too. Anyway, on Tuesday they had a full day of classroom talk about various amoeba's that are currently floating around in our freshwater lakes. Last year there were 3 recorded deaths by amoeba.

I guess it's something that settles towards the bottom of lakes and then is kicked up during searches. If you breathe them in, they work their way into your brain and start eating it. The symptoms are all cold/flu like. So you think you have a cold but then 5 days later, bam, you're dead. At first MM said there was no cure, but after he researched it online he found where one of the 3 cases was treated and cured with "Very aggressive treatment."

When MM came home from class on Tuesday I asked him how it went and he said it was really depressing. "We just talked about how we're going to die all day." Alrighty then. Way to stay positive. Then on Wednesday MM came home and said he was going to die of Amoeba. I guess he was in the water w/o his mask on and fell over backwards. It startled him and he sucked up water through his nose. Which means he also sucked Amoebas up through his nose. Which means he's now going to die.

When he came home on Wednesday he researched it online and decided he was definitely going to die. Thursday morning he sneezed and was convinced he needed to be rushed to the emergency room. I said, "Babe, what do you think they'd say if we showed up at the emergency room and said, 'Hey, he sneezed! We just know he's dying of an amoeba in the brain'?" He just glared at me.

Friday he said his tummy was upset and he just knew it was the first signs of amoeba. I asked if it maybe had anything to do with the fact that he was in the sun/water all week and ate three desserts Friday night. He said he hated me. Aww, isn't he sweet?

Yesterday he coughed (I'm pretty sure he was taking a drink and it went down the wrong pipe, but whatever) and just knew he was going to die. Then he asked if he'd woken me up in the night, b/c he swore he had a coughing fit and couldn't breathe. He was once again convinced he's dying of amoeba. Poor MM.

On the other hand, sweet, wonderful man he is, he did point out since his death would be work related I'd be set up for life. Dumbass. I told him I'd rather have him. He said the good news is that since we're still newlyweds I'd be left with nothing but good memories, since we haven't been together long enough for us to have gone through a lot of bad times. If that isn't a morbid conversation to have 4 months after marriage, I don't know what is. I assured him I would be fine if he did, in fact, die by amoeba. I'd just take all that money I'm going to make off his death and travel the world, possibly taking an Italian lover along the way. Hey, I am nothing if not a loving wife.

Anyway, yesterday Christine Twitttered about how she had to take her husband to the emergency room. Everything turned out fine, thank goodness. When I first saw her tweet, though, I asked MM, "Do you think it's an amoeba?" w/ wide, innocent eyes. He said, "I don't know. Has he been swimming in freshwater lately? It could be." I was joking, MM. Sheesh.

Although, you never know...there are tons of people suffering from flu/cold like symptoms right now. We don't know, they could be dying of amoeba. Y'all might want to talk to your doctors, just in case. Because you really just never know... You, too, may be dying.

Death by brain eating amoebas! Yikes!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In God We Trust? You Betcha...

MSNBC has a poll up today asking: Should the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. currency?

I really don't want to get going right now (I'm sure none of you want that, either) but do you see that, as of right now, there have been 6,155,541 responses and 75% of them say NO!

Live Vote
Should the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. currency? * 6155541 responses
Yes. It's a violation of the principle of separation of church and state.
No. The motto has historical and patriotic significance and does nothing to establish a state religion.
Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding.

Wanna vote? Click here.

Yearbook Yourself

Ames emailed me a link to this site the other day. It's freaking hilarious! Since I'm lazy,she yearbooked me. Check it out.








Believe it or not, that picture from 1994 (ok, ok, and the one from 1996, too, sheesh) is pretty spot on for what my real yearbook picture looked like. YIKES!
Anyway, thanks to all of you who've emailed me asking about my migraine. So far it hasn't come back (thank goodness). Every once in awhile I feel a twinge, but nothing like it was, so I'm happy.
The kids go back to school on Monday, so we've been busy trying to get them back into a regular schedule and doing other school related things - like back to school shopping and watching Seasons 3 and 4 of Entourage on HBO On Demand. Ok, so mostly we've just been watching Entourage, but I will be going shopping tonight for school stuff, so that other part is kind of true, too.
I promise a better, longer, more coherent post later. For now, it's back to work for me. Ok, well, mostly by "work" I mean emailing with Kay Baby and Twittering, but whatever.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I don't want to jinx myself or anything, but guess what? As of right now I'm completely pain free.

Kiss my ass, migraine!

I'm probably tempting fate here, but I'm just so damn happy!

To celebrate MM and I are going to buy a Wii Fit today. Well, ok 1) we'd planned on it before I new my migraine and 2) we've been saving gift cards (bdays and such) so we don't actually have to spend any $$ on it, but still....We're also treating ourselves to Sonic. Yay Sonic.

In case you were wondering I took Relpax last night. 2 pills. Or it might have been the sex.... Either way, I'm so damn happy.

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Titantic Sequel?

I totally stole this from Meljean Brook. This is some funny stuff. Srsly.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

MM Is Such A Nice Guy

And I'm not just saying that because he's my husband, either. He's really great. Take yesterday for example:

MM calls me at home around, oh, 7:30ish. I'm in the middle of putting together the new patio table we bought when the phone rings, so I rush inside to grab it. I hear a bunch of background noise first, then some guy says something I couldn't quite catch. Well, except for the "f" word. I caught that. Then MM says, "Hey babe, I won't be coming home on time tonight after all. I have to take Moe* here to jail" Then I hear more background noise and then a bunch of swear words (mostly it's like, 'Hey fuck you man. I'm going to fucking sue your ass" and other such lovely things) and I say, "Well, that sounds like a bunch of fun" and MM says, "Yep, jail is gonna be lots of fun for Moe here" and yet more cursing ensues in the background.

I'm kind of snickering over this because, well, it's funny. Then MM really sends me off by saying, "Hey guess what babe? While Moe here is sitting in jail tonight, I'm going to fuck you." WTF? Did he...yep, he really just said that. Freaking MM.

See, super nice guy, my darling husband. Hey, don't be jealous now. I know you all want him for yourselves, but sorry bitches, he's mine. All mine.

Lucky me, huh?

In Other News;

I'm in day 27 of Migraine Hell. For whatever reason this particular migraine is hanging on and won't go away. Part of the problem is that the prescription I've been taking for the last 3 years suddenly quit working, so I'm not really getting a reprieve here. Advil Migraine isn't working, either. Last week Thursday I finally caved in and got a super powerful shot from my doctor. I honestly can't remember what it was they gave me, but boy did it send me flying high. I just have to ask...Why is it that MM's mom doesn't call me for months, but the second I get a shot that makes me high as a kite she rings me up? Oh, and his sister, too. I swear, his family is going to think I'm a druggie or something.

Anyway, the shot managed to knock my migraine out and I was pain free for about four days. Then Tuesday at work - BAM, it hit again. I ended up staying home from work yesterday. Whatever pill the doc had me try yesterday didn't work for crap. It actually made my headache worse. So this morning I went back and got a new one sample from him. I think he gave me Relpax and Maxalt. Or something like that. I'm trying the Relpax first. If it doesn't work I'll try the Maxalt. Really, though, this is getting ridiculous. I mean, I've been getting migraines since I was 7, but they've never been this bad or lasted this long. Craptastic.

Because of my constant migraine I haven't been answering or returning calls. I'm sorry, but it hurts too much. If you've called recently (ok, like w/i the last month) and I haven't called you back, it's not because I don't love it. It's because it hurts to be on the phone. Unless you're my ex-mother-in-law or the Rat Bastard, that is. Because you two? I just plain ole don't wanna talk to you.

On a lighter note: My being in a constantly drugged state does seem to amuse the lot of you, so there is that. You lucky bastards.

Remind me I have stuff to blog about later, k? I have no idea what right now, but I'm sure it'll come to, well, maybe not, but remind me later regardless, ok?

*Moe isn't the guys' real name. Honestly, even though MM said it like 8 times, I didn't catch what it was. Not that I'd tell you if I did know, but I'm just saying....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Papaya Chicken

I went to the fruit market the other day and they had Hawaiian Papaya's that looked really good, so I bought a couple. I'd been craving chicken, so I searched around for a papaya chicken recipe. This one looked good, so I decided to try it. It turned out really well. The Dijon/papaya mix was really well done. I served it with steamed rice and peas.

Chicken Breast in Papaya Sauce

4 chicken breast halves, skinned
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
2 papayas
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 tsp salt

Peel and remove seeds of papayas; reserve 1 tsp of the papaya seeds.
Slice one papaya lengthwise in 1/2-inch slices; reserve. Chop remaining papaya and place in blender, add orange juice, mustard and reserved papaya seeds.

Blend until seeds are finely chopped, about 1 minute.

Place nonstick frypan on medium high temperature and spray with
vegetable cooking spray. Add chicken and cook, turning, about 10 minutes or until brown. Pour lemon juice over chicken and sprinkle with salt. Spoon blended papaya over chicken, reduce heat to low, cover and cook about 25 minutes, turning and spooning with sauce after 15 minutes.

Add reserved papaya slices and cook 5 minutes more, covered. Turn off heat and let sit 5 minutes.

I didn't realize at first that this says to cook for a total of 45 minutes. I ended up getting a late start and we didn't eat until after 9:00. Eek. It was good, though. The kids both liked it (even Little Man, pickiest eater, ever!) but MM wasn't home to try it. We'll see if it's as good the next day...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This Is Your Brain On Drugs

I had a migraine again last night. Yes, this is like the 15th million one in the last month or so. I don't know what my problem is, but I need to get over it. Like, yesterday.

Anywho, I ended up taking a migraine pill and getting knocked loopy. Here are two examples of my brain on drugs:

I was curled up in my favorite chair reading a book when Sybil emailed me. I set my book down and read the email on my phone, then replied to her. She was asking if I'd read a particular book. I replied that I didn't know what book she was referring to. The title sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. I set my phone down and started reading again, then traded off again when I saw that she'd replied with the name of the authors (it was an anthology). I busted up laughing and smacked myself in the head. The book she was asking me about? Yeah, totally the book I set down to respond to her emails. Stupid Drugs.

But it gets better, because after that I got email happy and sent an email to Missy, who's Birthday it was yesterday. What kind of email you ask? Why, one with pictures of course. This picture, to be specific. *headesk*

Remember kids, Just Say No To Drugs.

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