Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's Just My Imagination Running Away With Me

We had some excitement here yesterday. The fire station that's across the street from my office was roped off yesterday and the intersection was closed. We spent most of the day outside, trying to figure out what was going down. I saw the bomb squad guys were over there, so I figured there was a bomb threat.

Turns out a woman had dropped off some suitcases outside the station and another person witnessed it and thought it was suspicious. The cops were called and they decided to err on the side of caution and called the bomb squad in.

According to the local newspaper they sent their little robot guy in to check out the suitcases and after awhile, we heard two loud booms, which we later found out were "trade tools" used by the bomb squad to open the cases.

Yeah, they were filled with clothes.

You know what I think? I think some idiot (though possibly extremely hot) fireman was cheating on his wife, she packed up all his shit and left it in front of the station. Except, the wussy firemen freaked out and called in the bomb squad. Now ol' boy (the hottie, cheater firemen) is ass out for clothes.

What? It could happen....(actually, that's probably EXACTLY what happened, but you know we'll never hear the real story)

What makes this even funnier is that back in April, the same thing happened, only this time it was a woman dropping off donuts to thank the firemen for their service. They called in the bomb squad that time, too.

Not to say that wasn't the right choice, just that it cracks me up after the fact.

So I have a vivid imagination...sue me.

*picture taken from our local newspaper (I'll add it later since Blogger is being dumb...)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lots of Thoughts...

...but nothing to say.

I'm uber tired today. For some reason, I couldn't sleep last night. It was close to 4 a.m. before I drifted off for the first time, and then I tossed and turned until the alarm went off at 6:30. The I kept hitting the snooze and didn't actually drag my lazy ass up until almost 8, leaving NO TIME to get the kids and myself ready. Ugh. I want a nap, dammit!

Anyway, more later, when I'm awake again.

Oh, except this cracked me up:

I was doing my taxes online last night and after asking for personal information there's a little box there that says, "Check here if you are blind"

Huh. Does that make sense to anyone else?

'til later....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Dog is Neurotic

I have 1.5 year old female black lab puppy who is cuter than can be. Her name is Bella and she's just adorable. When she was a few months old, just before Christmas 2 years ago, she got Parvo. I think this stunted her growth, and I don't just mean physically.

1) She follows me everywhere I go. I don't just mean from room to room, either. I mean she follows me once I'm in the room, too. I sit on the couch in the living room, she lays on the floor at my feet. I move to the chair, not a foot away, she moves to the floor in front of the chair. I move to the love seat, she follows. Same goes if I'm in the kitchen. I'm at the stove, she lays at my feet. I move to the sink, she lays at my feet. She can't just stay in one spot and watch me, she has to be RIGHT THERE the whole time. It's cute, but can get annoying, because she constantly trips me up. *sigh*

2) She won't eat unless she can see me. Her food is between the fridge and the counter, and you can't see it unless you're standing by the sink. If I'm not standing by the sink, or right by the her food, she won't eat. If she starts eating and I walk away, she grabs a mouthful and follows me, but she won't go back to it until I can see her. I leave her home alone all day while I'm at work, and she doesn't eat at all. And if I get home at 6 and don't go in the kitchen right away, she won't eat.

3) Her favorite place is under my computer chair. If I'm sitting in it and my feet are on the floor, and she can't get by them, she'll sit next to me and stare at me until I move. If I'm not fast enough, she nudges my toes with her nose. If that doesn't work, she lays on my feet, nipping at my toes. When I do finally move them, she wiggles under the chair and makes sure her tail bumps my leg. If her tail isn't touching me, she isn't happy.

4) When she was a puppy and we'd go somewhere in the car, she'd squeeze into my lap. Now that she's 60+ lbs, she can't do that. So instead, she angles her body over the center council and puts one paw on my thigh. No other part of her body touches mine, just her paw on my leg, but she has to touch me.

5) She thinks she's a cat. She pounces like one, and jumps like one. Before I moved, my living room, dining room and kitchen were all open. I had my couch centered in the room, acting as a divider between the dining and living rooms. She'd come in the slider by the dining table, take a running start, and clear the back of the couching, either landing on the cushions or overshooting and landing on the floor in front of it. And if she has a bone, she tosses it with her mouth, wait till it lands, then pounces on it like a cat would with a mouse.

6) She hides her bones in the laundry. She'll dump a basket of laundry over then drop her bone on it. Then she spends a good five minutes pushing the clothes with her nose until it's completely covered. If she catches me watching her while she does this, she'll look at me, then her bone, then at me, then her bone, then she'll growl and move it. I guess she's afraid I'll steal it.

7) My next door neighbor has 3 dogs. When we get home at night, they're always lined up at the fence ready to bark at us. As soon as I open the door, she races over the to fence and barks like crazy at the neighbor dogs. She's like a puppy possessed. She gets all KINDS of crazy, snarling and barking and being so loud she can't even hear me call her over the din. But the other day, she was barking at the front door, which she never does. She always barks at the back door if she needs to go out. Anyway, it was like 6:30 in the morning and I'd just gotten up. She never barks in the morning like that. So I opened the front door so she could go out, and she goes tearing out the door. I look up and notice one of the neighbor dogs is standing in my front yard. I have no idea what kind of dog he is, but he looks a lot like a chow, really big and brown and furry. Bella goes racing over to him, barking the whole way, until she's right next to him. I guess at that point she must have realized how much bigger he was than her, because she abruptly cut off, then turned tail and ran back to the house. The neighbor dog hadn't even moved, he was just standing there, but she totally freaked herself out. She comes streaking back into the house and dives under my computer chair, then stared up at me with these big, sad, scared puppy dog eyes. She's so ferocious when there's a fence between her and the other dogs, but as soon as she was confronted with him with no barriers between them she ran and hid. The wussy.

8) Every night when I go to bed, she tucks me in. She jumps on my bed, nuzzles my neck with her nose, and licks my face. Then she tugs on the covers until she's satisfied I'm not going to get cold, rubs her head on my cheek, then jumps off the bed. This is after she tries for no less than 20 minutes to get me to play with her, though. Freakin dog.

9) She won't go to the bathroom unless she can see me. Unlike her food issue, I don't have to be right there for her to do her business, but I have to be outside at least. If I'm not, she'll just stand at the door and bark until I let her back in. This goes for when I get home from work, too. After she's been couped up inside all day. She still won't go potty unless I'm outside with her.

10) If I'm on the phone, or reading a book, and she thinks I'm not paying enough attention to her, she'll jump on my lap and stick her head between my arm and the phone/book, forcing it away from my face. If I push on her to get her to stop, she just waits a second and then tries again. She'll do this until I finally give up on reading/talking and give her my full attention, or until I stand up. If I stand up, she jumps on me and growls. If I hang up/put the book down, she looks at me for a few minutes, like assuring herself she's got my full attention, then she jumps off my lap and saunters away. She's spoiled like that.

11) She eats my underwear. Wait, let me clarify, she eats the crotch out of my underwear. It doesn't matter if they're clean or dirty. If they're brand new and never been worn, or washed and put away. She's figured out how to nudge my dresser drawer open, and when I get home all of my panties will be on the floor, crotchless. Look, I can get just as freaky as the next girl, but when I told MM I was going to get some crotchless panties, that isn't exactly what I had in mind.


I think I may need professional help here.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How To Be A Drama Queen: Lesson 3

For some reason my bank pulls our direct deposits through before my mom and sister's bank does. It's especially odd, because they bank the same place our company does, while my bank isn't affiliated. Strange, no?

Because of this, 2 weeks ago my paycheck was deposited on a Saturday, rather than on Monday when my sister's was, and she asked to borrow $10.00 for gas until her check cleared. I agreed, but only on the condition that she return it first thing Monday.

She agreed and I gave her the money.

For whatever reason, I didn't see her on Monday. Not a big deal. I wasn't freaking out or anything. To be honest, I'd forgotten. Then, I spent the night at MM's later that week. In the morning, as I was getting ready for work, my cell phone rang. I get horrible service at MM's house. I tried to answer, but the call got cut off. I saw it was DW's house and called back from MM's land line. This was, oh, maybe 10 minutes after the call to my cell. My dad answered. I figured my mom was trying to call me to confirm our carpool plans for the morning. I asked for her and dad said she was in the shower. I just told him to tell her I'd be down soon.

I finished getting ready for work and left about 20 minutes later. Once I got service again, I checked my voice mail. I was mistaken, the call hadn't come from my mother at all, but from the Drama Queen, saying she really needed to come by. I called the house again and my dad said she'd already left. I called her cell and got no answer. I just shrugged it off.

Then I get to DW's house and she tells me her and DQ had a fight. Over what? I don't know. To be totally honest, I don't care. I mean, come on, I don't live there, I don't need to deal with it, right? So I let it go.

Later that day, I talk to DQ. She's short with me and doesn't want to talk. Fine, whatever. I'm unconcerned.

Then, the other day, I asked her for my $10. She says, "No." I said, "Excuse me?"

She says, "I got in a big fight with mom the other day and I needed to come over. I left the house really early, because I couldn't stay there with her anymore. I came to your house and you weren't home. Since it was too early for me to go to work, I had to go to breakfast. So, no, you can't have your $10, because you weren't home and I had to spend it on breakfast."

I said, "Hang on a minute. You're telling me that because you got in a fight with mom, decided you had to leave home early, and because I wasn't home, even though I had no prior notice of your intention to stop by, you can't give me my money?"

She said, "Yep. It's your own fault. You should have been home. If you didn't spend all your time with MM, this wouldn't have happened."

I said, "So, it's MM's fault?"

She said, "No, it's yours, because you weren't home."

Just so you all are clear:

I loaned my sister $10, but because I wasn't home when she unexpectedly stopped by after a fight with my mother, I'm ass out.

I wish I lived in her world. I can't wait to try this myself:

Dear Gas Company, I stopped by to pay you today, but your office was closed. Since you weren't there, I used the money to buy myself lunch, so you don't get paid. Your bad. Let this be a lesson. Next time, be in the office when I stop by.

Yeah, somehow, I just don't see that happening.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Drive-by post...

Busy today, be back tomorrow...maybe??

Have a great day, all!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

You Learn...

Last night me and The Girl had to run to Wal-Mart. On the way, the song You Learn by Alanis Morisette comes on the radio. After a minute she says, "Mom, is this song called You Learn?"

The conversation went like this:

Me: "Yep, it sure is"
TG: "I figured, cuz she keeps saying that over and over again."
Me: "Well, the song is about how life is a learning experience. You learn from everything, even if you don't realize it."
TG: "Yeah, I guess you're right. Especially when we're with MM."
Me: "Oh really? Why is that?"
TG: "Because he makes even boring stuff fun. And besides, he lets us do stuff you'd never let us do"
Me: "OH really? Like what?"
TG: "Like that time he took us hiking and LET US DRIVE"

She proceeds to tell me how when he watched them one day while I was at work he took them hiking and let them drive, but she wasn't that good at it and when they came to a curve, Little Man got to steer around it because she'd already crashed by then. Already crashed??

Oh yeah, no matter what you do in life, you learn.

He's SO BUSTED! And he's about to learn something, alright.

Is it just my imagination, or is he a COP??

Tagged: ABC's of Me

A - Available/Single? - Taken.

B - Best Friend? - MM, my Cousin Melissa, The girls from SF, My mom

C - Cake or Pie? Cake. Cheesecake especially

D - Drink Of Choice? Coffee or Pepsi, Beer (Corona or Bud Lite)

E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? Toothbrush

F - Favourite Color? Green

G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Bears. The worms creep me out.

H - Hometown? - Spearfish, SD (or Chicago, depending..)

I - Indulgence? Romance novels and shoes

J - January Or February? February. Its shorter and alot closer to spring! (Amen, Charmed)

K - Kids & Their Names? Little Man, he's named after a good friend that was killed in a car accident when I was in HS. The Girl, I just picked her name out of nowhere. It's different, but it suits her.

L - Life Is Incomplete Without? The Kidlets, family.

M - Marriage date? The first time? August 5th.

N - Number Of Siblings? 2, one of each.

O - Oranges Or Apples? Oranges, though I don't really like either. Oh, wait. I like Green Apples.

P - Phobias/Fears? The Dark, Myself, "S" things.

Q - Favorite Quote? "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

R - Reason to Smile? The kidlets, MM.

S - Season? Summer. When its REALLY hot out!

T - Tag people? I'm too lazy to type out names, so ALL OF YOU WHO READ THIS!

U - Unknown Fact About Me? Hmm. Are there any unknown facts about me? Seriously, have you read my previous entries? I share all. lol

V - Vegetable you don’t like? Peas. NASTY!

W - Worst Habit? Smoking. Swearing. The list goes on and on....

X - X-rays You’ve Had? Huh. I don't know. Other than teeth and ultrasounds, I'm not sure, to be honest. I've had a few CT scans and...I guess that's it. lol

Y - Your Favourite Food? Carrot sticks, mashed potatoes

Z – Zodiac Sign? Cancer

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The 'M' Word

Today, I want to talk about the "M" word. Yes, I mean the word you're thinking of.

In the past, the "M" word wasn't really something I thought about. Not in relation to myself, anyway. Well, other than to reflect on my time with the Rat Bastard, that is. But as time goes on, I consider it more and more. I know sometime within the next year MM is going to offer me a ring. No, I don't know when. But every day he seems more excited about it and talks about it incessantly.

The thing is, I don't know how I feel about the "M" word. Well, not JUST the word, obviously, but the instituion it represents. I've been there once already. No, I can't really compare what I have with MM to what I had with the RB. For one thing, they're two totally different men (I use that term loosely in reference to one of them...). But more importantly, I'm not the same woman I was when I was with the Rat Bastard. I've grown, and found myself, and become confident in the person I am. I don't worry about what other people think, and I don't believe that I have to change for someone to love me. I realize I'm an amazing person and people (that would be you) are lucky to know me (ok, so maybe that's going a little far, but just a little).

But still, this isn't just about me, or just about MM. It's about the two of us together. He's amazing. I know this. You know this. We ALL know this. He loves me completely, for who I am, not what I am. I couldn't have dreamed up a man who fits me better. But I have doubts, you see. I don't know how it will be FOR EV ER. We haven't even had a fight yet (well, not a REAL fight, with shouting and throwing things, anyway...those are my favorite kind, just FYI). How do I know if I say "I do" I'll be saying, "I do forever"?

I know I'm not the only one to feel this way. I know in every relationship, no matter how strong the foundation, there will be doubts. But I guess my biggest fear is failure. I failed once. Am I willing to take the chance that I might fail again? How will I survive? I don't know if I could pick up the pieces a second time. I don't know if I'd even want to.

When I think about the future, I see MM in it. I see us together, living, laughing, loving. I know he does, too. He's EXCITED about this. He sings about it. He fantasizes about us growing old together. He asks me 5 times a day to marry him (not for real, with a ring, but still).

I suppose if I'm being honest, part of me wants to say yes. Part of me wants to just fall, knowing we'll be falling together. But another part of me is scared. Scared of making the same mistake twice. Scared of not being enough. I don't mean that MM would stray, but I swear sometimes I wonder if I'm truly good enough for him. OH, don't look at me like that. I don't mean I'm inferior. I just don't know if I treat him as well as he deserves. If I give back to him as much as I take. If I'll ever be able to.

I'm used to being on my own now. I can do what I want, when I want. Sure, I have the kids to think of, but it's me and them against the world. If I want to leave laundry on the bathroom floor, I can. If I want to eat all the ice cream, who cares? If I want to lay on the couch and watch T.V. all day on a Saturday instead of doing the dishes, it doesn't matter. If I want to have a drink after work I just go (well, if I have a sitter, that You get what I'm saying, right? I'm selfish. Do I want to share my house, my time, my LIFE with someone else?

On the other hand, I can't really imagine NOT sharing those things with him. My tummy starts hurting and my chest aches if it's been too long since I've seen him. I don't sleep as well without him next to me, either.

When you commit to spending the rest of your life with someone else, it's not just a commitment of the heart. It means compromise and seeing the same face over breakfast for 50 years. It means dirty laundry on the floor and fights over the dishes, and sharing a home. I want those things. I want them with MM. But then again....


He wants to do the deed on Feb. 29th, 2008, because it's a leap year. It's kind of a joke, to get married on a day that only rolls around once every four years, but he's serious. I mean, he really wants to get married that day. That's real, people. It's not just in the abstract. It's a real, live date. It's reality. My tummy does this crazy flip thing whenever I think about it. Yes, I admit it, I'm scared.

But you know what? I think I'm more afraid of a future without him. Could I survive? Yes. But would I really want to? He makes my world brighter, and I suppose that's worth taking a risk for, isn't it?

I'm not sure any of that made sense. I guess I just needed to type it out. Or think it out. Or something.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

It Was Friday, I know.....

*This was supposed to go up Friday, but I didn't have time to post it until today. SORRY!!!

Approximately 14 and a half years ago, my life was changed forever. Whether for the better or not is still up for debate, but it was interesting to say the least.

For you see, 14 and a half years ago, my mother met a man. This man was different from the others she'd known and he swept into our lives like a tidal wave, disrupting our tidy world and forcing us to notice him. And notice we did.

This man became my father. We didn't really like each other much at first. I was standoffish and he - according to his sister - was terrified of teenagers. We clashed, and argued, and generally wanted to just kill each other. Yet we survived.

Today, this man is my rock. I know I can run to him if I need to. He's not perfect (far from it, really), but he's one of the best men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

44 years ago, my father was born. I am eternally grateful.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Here's to another 44, may you live a long and happy life (which you know and I know will only become a reality when DW's mouth finally gets wired shut).

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some Changes and Another Blog Pimp

The last few months I've been thinking about a change in templates. I asked Mailyn the Magnificent to work on something for me, and this is the new template she designed. I'm totally orgasmic over the colors. I think they're wonderful and go very well together. I'm still trying to adjust to the columns, but I think I like them as well.

It's not as clean as my previous column set up was, but I think I like it. It's different, and that's what I was looking for.

The one thing I'm not certain about is the banner. Mailyn is working on something else for me, but I may end up keeping this one. It's growing on me. We shall see.

Now for the blog pimp.

I've told you about my brother before. How he's in a band, and many of you wonderful people took the time to vote for him in a battle of the bands type contest some months ago. Unfortunately, they didn't win. But regardless, I'm very proud of him.

Through the last few years, I've watched him become a man, someone I'm very proud to be related to. Though I've been blessed to know a few, he stands above all other men in my life. He's my support system, my strength and a constant source of frustration for me. I helped raise him, you see. I won't say anything else to sway your opinion of him, just direct you his way, and let you see for yourself. But I will tell you....with him, It's All Worth Reaching For.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Becareful: You Just Might Get Arrested.....



It is forbidden to fish while sitting on a giraffe's neck.

- I don't even know what to say...

Law forbids eating in a place that is on fire.

- Which is just wrong, if you ask me. Who doesn't like extra-crispy?

Crete (I lived here for a bit):

It is considered an offense to attempt to have sex with one's dog.

- Well, hell. There goes my sure thing for Friday night.


Bowling is forbidden.

- Isn't that like, Un-American?

Town fathers, reflecting the pet peeve of hearing their town's name mispronounced 'Jolly-ETTE' when all local folk know it's pronounced 'Joe-lee-ETTE', made pronouncing it Jolly-ette a misdemeanor, punishable by a $5 fine.

- I think they'd have done better to make the incorrect pronunciation of the state a misdemeanor. The "S" is silent, people! 'Ill-in-oy', not 'Ill-in-oys'.


It is illegal for anyone to give lighted cigars to dogs, cats, or any other domesticated animals.

- Mailyn, I figured you'd enjoy that. ;)

California State Law:

Women may not drive in a house coat.

- I can't believe that. I could name at least a dozen times when I should have been cited for this.

City Ordinances in California


Detonating a nuclear device within the city limits results in a $500 fine.

- That's it? Well, hell.

Dana Point:

One may not use one's own restroom if the window is open.

- All of you people with out an exhaust fan are soooo screwed.


Men who wear mustaches are forbidden from kissing women.

- This should be a federal law, IMO. No offense to you mustache wearers out there...

Indian Wells:

Drinking intoxicating cement is prohibited.

- Ok, seriously. What's sad is that someone had to have been caught doing this for them to make it a law.

Long Beach:

Cars are the only item allowed in a garage.

- I bet every single person who resides there is in violation of this.

Los Angeles:

It is illegal for a man to beat his wife with a strap wider than 2 inches without her consent.

- Written or Verbal, I wonder?

Toads may not be licked.

- I heard you can get a nice high from licking toads.


All persons wishing to keep a rhinoceros as a pet must obtain a $100 license first.

- Fucking Rhino's, man. So damn expensive.

Pacific Grove:

It is illegal to molest butterflies.

- Once again, someone had to actually do this before they'd make it a law, right?


Two bathtubs may not be installed in the same house.

- Sounds like they really frown on cleanliness up in them parts. Remind me to steer clear, will you?

San Diego:

The owners of houses with Christmas lights on them past February second may be fined up to $250.

- Rednecks beware.

Alright, I'll let you go search out more yourselves if you want. But first? I need to share with you the 2 most important laws ever written on paper. You really, really need to pay attention here. If you live in, or plan to visit San Francisco any time soon, you need to remember two very important things!

Persons classified as "ugly" may not walk down any street.

- You know what I wonder? Who does the classifying? I SO want on that panel!

Giving or receiving oral sex is prohibited.

- Not just No, but HELL NO! Although, this may work for women.

"No honey, I can't give you a blowjob. It's against the law. Literally."

MM, want to move to San Fran?

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Blog Awards! Did you vote??

Sometimes, I so retarded! I MEANT to put this up last week, but instead it sat in my 'drafts'. Ahh, well, that's life, right?

Any who, Mailyn the Magnificent, is doing something WAY cool! She's hosting Blog Awards. This is very exciting for all of us if you ask me. LOL Just think, YOU could win blogger of the year, or even better, you could nominate one of your friends and SHE could win. Wouldn't that be hella cool?

I thought so, too.

So, pop over to Mailyn's blog and vote for your favorite. She has 6 categories:

Funnies Blog
Best Looking Blog
Best Review Blog (this is for single reviewers only, no group blogs here)
Best Team Blog (group reviewers go here)
Blogger of the Year

Naturally it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you voted for me, but it won't hurt my feelings if you don't, either. Oh, and one more thing, Mailyn says we can't vote for her. Which bites if you ask me. I love her blog. But what do I know, right? LOL You can, however, vote for a blog she designed. This one and my team blog, Sanctuary, were both designed by her. As were countless others. She's cool like that.

So, click on the pic and go vote! I know I did.

They're Home! WOOOHOOO!

MM and I picked the kids up yesterday. Their flight was delayed out of Denver, so they got in almost an hour late, but I didn't care. I was just happy to have them with me again!

Little Man wasn't feeling well, though, and kept throwing up on the way home. I'm pretty sure he was just car sick, because they drove to Denver Saturday (a 7 hour drive) then flew out first thing yesterday morning, then we had a three hour+ drive home. Poor baby! I felt terrible for him. He finally knocked out about half way home, though, which is good.

I managed to get their rooms done (pics to follow as soon as I upload them), barely, so they were way excited when they got home. I didn't get Little Man's bed yet, but everything else was done. The Girl was SO happy when she saw her new bed. I got her a canopy. She screamed when she went in her room. It was great.

Now comes the hard part: The Transitional Period.

The Transitional Period usually lasts a week to two weeks. This is the time when the kids will readjust to being back home with me. They'll test their limits again, and try to get away with more than they normally would. They'll be whiny and cry a lot, plus they'll act out, being overly hyper and disobeying me just to disobey. I hate it. This is the worst part of them going to see their dad. I can't WAIT for them to come home once they leave, but part of me dreads the TP. UGH.

But, we move on and push forward, right? (We being me and my five additional personalities. Trust me, I need all 6 to survive the weeks after their return)

In any case, I'm happy their home. I feel like the part of myself that's been missing for the last two weeks is back. I'm not empty and cold as I was, but filled to the brim. I am complete.

In other news, MM is back to working nights again. Last night was his first shift. 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Poor baby. Since we drove to Vegas he didn't get the nap that he needed, so I'm sure his night was longer than usual. I feel awful for him, but I'm glad he came along with me.

His days off changed when he went to nights, too. Instead of the Wed., Thurs., Fri. he had off before, he's off Thurs., Fri., Sat. now. This is GREAT news for me, since I'm off Sat. and Sun. We'll have weekends together. Isn't that fab? YAY US!

More about that later. For now, I need to get to work.

One last thing before I do, though. I want to pimp a new blog to you. I was going to type up this whole thing about her, but instead I'll just give you the link and let you make your own decision. I will say I enjoy her writing style and quite look forward to most posts from her.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Freakin MM is Just So Darn Cute!

The Rat Bastard was supposed to bring the kids home. That was our agreement. I drove them to Vegas to meet him and he was supposed to get them home. By today. Then he calls me and there's drama. This came up and that came up and he can't fly them home. He's flying them to Vegas instead. He said he'd rent a car and drive them home, but they aren't flying in until Sunday. The kids go back to school on Monday. This is not good for me. If he drove them, they'd get home sometime late in the afternoon on Sunday. It's been 2 weeks. I want them home NOW! I tell MM, "I don't want to go to Vegas to get the kids on principle. He's supposed to get them home. But on the other hand, I want them home NOW!" He said, "Whatever you want to do, babe. We could drive down Saturday night and spend the night, then pick them up Sunday and come home." I said, "I'll think about it."

The other night, we're laying in bed together and he says, "I miss the kids, is that weird?" I said, "I think it's sweet." He was quiet for a minute and then he said, "Fuck it. We're driving down to get them." Awww.

So, we're leaving tomorrow. We're going down for the night and then picking the kids up at the airport on Sunday. I can't wait!

Last night, MM wanted me to spend the night at his house. I'm still not done with the kids' rooms and I'm out of time. I told him, "I don't know if I can come up or not. Me and DW have to finish shopping tonight for the kids' rooms and I have a bunch of stuff to get done at home." He got really quiet. Then he said, "I really miss you. I want you to come. I didn't work tonight because I wanted to see you" and blah, blah, blah. Trying to make me feel guilty. Finally I caved and said, "Fine. But I can't play with you tomorrow, so don't ask." He said, "OK, I WON'T!" but he was smiling. I could tell.

So I get up to his house last night and lay on the floor in front of the fire. After a few minutes he shut his computer and came over to lay by me. He put his head on my tummy and we stayed like that for awhile. Then I remembered I needed to email Grace and hopped up. His laptop was on the coffee table, so I sat on the couch and opened it. He followed me over and sat on the floor in front of the couch. Then he put his hand on my knee. He didn't say anything, wasn't really even paying attention to me, but he needed to be touching me.

Then, he wanted to look at something on the computer, so he bumped me over and sat down next to me. But he made sure his leg was touching mine. It was just so cute, how he had to be touching me. And he kept saying, "I missed you. I really missed you". But it had only been a day since I'd seen him.

We were getting ready for bed last night and I was brushing my teeth. MM was rinsing with mouthwash. Every time I stopped moving the toothbrush, he'd stop swishing. I'd start up again and so would he. He caught my gaze in the mirror and winked. I started laughing and then brushed again. He swished. I stopped. He stopped. I brushed, he swished. I stopped, he stopped. It was hilarious.

Prior to that we were messing around giving each other titty-twisters. So when we got done brushing our teeth he tried to pinch me again. I gave him a dirty look and went to grab for him. He screamed like a girl and ran to the bed, climbed in and pulled the covers over himself. I stayed where I was, brushed my hair and then walked calmly over to the bed. Then I pounced on him.

He screamed again and tried to fight me off, then finally just rolled off the bed. The fruitcake. Then he attacked me with his pillow. It reminded me of sleepovers I had in grade school.

We're headed to the store the other day and MM says, "I love you." I said, "I love you, too, babe. It's kind of scary." He said, "What's scary is that I love you more today than I did yesterday. Every day I think 'this is it, I've reached my limit' and then I wake up the next morning and it's even worse. I didn't think that was possible." *sniffle*

Other cute stuff MM has said to me lately.

"I can't wait to marry you." (my gag reflex still wants to kick in when he says this, but I'm working on it)

"I'm so glad you're coming over. I was having a really shitty day, but you just made it all better."

"I had no idea, until I met you."

"I told my family I was going to marry you. My sister said, 'Yeah, we know. It's good, cuz we like her'."

Ok, say it with me now....


Thursday, January 04, 2007

AFI Top 100 Romance Flicks

Gracie-girl has a post up today about AFI's Top 100 Romance movies. She wanted to know, how many have you seen? I think I've done better than Grace's 19. Let's see.

AFI's Top 100



VERTIGO (1958)
GHOST (1990)

KING KONG (1933)
CAMILLE (1937)

GIGI (1958)
TITANIC (1997)

SABRINA (1954)
REDS (1981)
PICNIC (1955)
SUNRISE (1927)
MARTY (1955)

WHAT'S UP, DOC? (1972)
ROXANNE (1987)
JEZEBEL (1939)
THE SHEIK (1921)
WITNESS (1985)
MOROCCO (1930)


BODY HEAT (1981)
GREASE (1978)

For me, it made more sense to say how many I haven't seen. 11/100. LOL. Poor Grace. I think you better get on that, girl.

What about everyone else? How many of these have you seen?

And check out AFI's Top 100 Movie Quotes. I love these. :)

Recent Favorite Blog Quotes

I stalk a lot of blogs. Not just the ones on my sidebar, but I click the "next blog" button at the top of most blogs, and I stalk the blogs other people link to. I'm a Nosy Nora (as Rosie would say) and I like peeking into other people's lives.

Over the last few weeks, I've come across some great quotes from other blogs. Things that cracked me up, or touched me, or made me nod my head in agreement. I'm not listing all of them, but here are a few of my favorites.

Yesterday I read about a million blog posts, no exaggeration. I have a little robot built into my computer, and he was all like, “You have read over one million blog posts today. You are awesome. I will try to calculate your awesomeness. … Error. Error. Insufficient capability to measure your awesomeness. Initiating correspondence to Deep Blue.”~ Anonymous Coworker

They say a smile is a gift which is free to the giver and precious to the recipient
But giving the finger is free, too, and I find it much more personal and sincere. ~ O.Kay.

If you love yourself but have low self esteem because of either of those two then repeat after me:

"I am fabulous. I am absolutely fabulous. I am abso-fucking-lutely FABULOUS and anyone that doesn't think so or treats me rotten can go to hell after they go fuck themselves." ~ Mailyn

2) Drank alot. Ate alot. Puked once, drank more. ~ Isabel

I'm not going to do a recap of 2006. I'm too lazy. ~ Ames (I love lazy people)

If nothing else it is a testament to the human’s ability to adapt. Five years ago, I see Britney’s cooch and maybe my head explodes. Today? I survive, and go get lunch. ~ Dan

1. My blog is not a forum for you to insult me. If you don't like it...fuck off and go back to your immensely boring life. ~ Sushi (or Sushie, if you're stupid)

Look I enjoy the fun of making observations of the absurdity of some of the situations, I appreciate the wit and sometimes, yeah even the snark. But I am really burnt on people's self importance and offering opinions for the sole purpose of being inflammatory. ~ Rosie

He turns to me and is like, "Aunty my lulu won't go down."

I dropped the brush and looked over at him.

"What?" I asked.

He walks over to me and points to his lulu (which is penis in Hawaiian or something, I forget) and says, "Look Aunty, it won't go down." ~ Dylan and her 4-year-old nephew

I feel like I’m thawing out and my emotions that were nearly frozen and like when your toes or fingers start thawing out, it hurts even more. I feel so raw right now. ~ Kristie(j)

Slap my ass and call me a fangirl. ~ Devon

I wanna save them from themselves. But how do you save someone who doesn't want to be saved? ~ Charm School Reject

I'm not a shoulder to lean on when it's convenient while you go fuck other people. Just because you're the one who initiated the breakup doesn't mean that you can act like you're my boyfriend when it suits you. ~ My Boyfriend is Crazy

What about you? See something recently on a blog and have it stick with you? Share it with me, will you?

**I'm editing to add new ones as I come across them, so bare with me.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Will a Cyber Hug Help?

I'm not sure, but will you go over and give Kristie(j) one, anyway? She's been having a rough time lately and I think she may need a hug.


Resolutions? How 'Bout No??

Every year, millions of people the world over make resolutions.

1) lose that last five pounds
2) organize better
3) make a new friend
4) be nicer to people
5) whatever

Personally, I don't see the point. I mean, why set yourself up for failure?

Author Marian Keyes summed up my opinion of the whole resolutions thing pretty darn well. Let me share it with you:

And I’ll tell you something else - no resolutions! No, not one! I never make them because life is hard enough and I genuinely believe we all do our best all of the time. We are HUGELY imperfect and we always will be and the last thing we should be doing is making our already hard lives even harder by trying to achieve a load of things that we are SIMPLY NOT CAPABLE OF. Because we will inevitably fail (because we overaspire) and then we feel like wretched failures and even worse than before we began trying to run 6 miles a day, or live on a tenner a week in order to clear the credit cards, or imbibe only spinach juice every second day. No resolutions. Repeat it with me. No resolutions! No resolutions! NO RESOLUTIONS! (unless you are trying to stop smoking, of course, and the only reason I will support you in that is because life is made hell for smokers, you are practically stoned in the streets, you poor things, and I suppose things would be marginally more pleasant for you if you were free of it.)

Amen, Ms. Keyes, Amen.

I mean, let's be totally honest here. How many of you made resolutions last year and actually kept them? I bet not many. And you know what? That's OK! Every day we try our best, right? Sure, there might be things we WANT to accomplish, and never will. But for the most part, every single day we strive to do our best. We raise our families, and work in our chosen careers and live our lives. Why can't that be enough?

First, another mini-survey, then I have a challenge for you.

The Survey:

1) Do you make resolutions for the New Year?
2) Do you keep them?
3) What are your basic resolutions?
4) Why are they important to you?
5) Do you feel like a failure when you don't accomplish them?
6) Does it really make a difference if you do?

And now the challenge:

I challenge all of you, every last one of you, to NOT set resolutions this year. To NOT make that list, and instead, to just strive to do your best every day. Instead of saying, "I'm going to lose five pounds this year" make an effort every day to eat one healthy meal, or an extra helping of vegetables.

You can do THAT, I have faith. Do you?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sadly, I'm back to work...

Yep, vacation's over. I'm all sorts of bummed about it. Is another week, or two, or FIVE really that much to ask?

On Christmas Eve I cooked dinner for my family and MM's. It was the first time the 2 had met. I made mashed sweet potatoes, regular mashed, green beans with almonds, bacon and basalmic vinegar, cauliflower and broccoli casserole, this yellow squash thingo, a ham, a turkey, a tri-tip, stewed apples, sweet Hawaiian bread. Basically, this GINORMOUS spread.

It went over pretty well. The food was good, we drank a lot of wine, and our respective families got to interact with each other..without bloodshed.

MM called me in the afternoon on Christmas Eve just to check in and let me know his family was almost to his house. He asked how things were going and I said, "The house is clean, the food is cooked and I just have to heat a few things up." He said, "You'd make a pretty good housewife" and I Said, "You joke, but it's not going to be so funny when I quit my job and sit on my fat ass all day while you support me." He said, "you have too much respect for yourself for that" and I said, "Like hell. My fat ass need a break." He just laughed, but I was serious.

Anyway, the vacation was good. I didn't do much, just kind of relaxed and did my best to be lazy. I started working on the kids' bedrooms. I decided, rather than get them traditional gifts this year, I was going to redecorate their bedrooms while they're visiting the RB. We got The Girl's new bed and set it up yesterday. I'm getting Little Man's tomorrow. Now I just have to finish cleaning out his room and put up the decorations. It should be fun. :)

I got some cute gifts, but the best one was the jacket MM bought me.

We went to Laughlin, NV for my Christmas party this year, and there was a brown leather jacket in the gift shop there that I kept admiring. It was too expensive for me, though, so I didn't buy it. Well, MM did, and was all sneaky about it, too. I didn't have a clue until he gave it to me on Christmas. I LOVE IT! It's like butter. (pictures to follow, my batteries in my camera were dead)

I suppose that's about it for now. I'll have more stories and such later, but for now I just need to WAKE UP! *sigh*


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