Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wedding Stuff

Wedding plans are well under way. Isabel keeps telling me she's surprised I'm already planning, because she expected me to put it off last minute. But, well, I'm already resigned to it, so there's no reason for putting it off, is there?

So, here's what I've got so far:

  • We reserved the Country Club for the ceremony and reception. Because my grandparents are members, we lucked out and don't have to pay a rental fee for it. Woohoo, $1500 saved because of grandma. Niiiice.
  • We've chosen our wedding party, too. I've asked Evil Cousin to be my Matron on Honor, and then my sister and MM's three sisters as bridesmaids. The Girl will be my junior bridesmaid. On MM's side, his best friend Alf is going to be Best Man, then a friend he went to high school with, his Brother-in-law (whom I don't care for very much, but meh, whatever), James the Sucker, my brother and Little Man.
  • We decided on Yellow and Green for our colors, but haven't picked the exact shades yet. I'm thinking a buttercup yellow and something in the sage family. But I'm not sure yet.
  • I've been searching for cake designs I like and figure sometime within the next month or so I'll start thinking about pastry chef's. For now it's not a priority. Although I would LOVE to have a Krispy Kreme cake, MM frowned on the idea (I swear, it's not just a stupid cop joke). I'll see if I can talk him around.
  • We've started putting a guest list together, too. I personally called his parents and grandparents and asked for lists. We need to get a budget together and to do that I need to know how many guests. We're thinking approx. 300, but if it's going to be considerably less or more I need to know as soon as possible.
  • I've been looking at dresses online and found several styles I like. Of course I won't know until I try them on how they'll look, but I figure getting an idea of what I want isn't a bad idea. For the bridesmaids, I asked EC to start looking at designs, too. I figure we can find something suitable if we work on it together. Or I may just choose something myself and say screw what they want. Let's hope they're all nice to me. *innocent smile*

I guess that's about it for now. More updates to come, I'm sure.

What have the rest of you been up to?


Dara Edmondson said...

This is the fun part. Enjoy it. Nice that you're including the kids in the wedding party. I've been busy with plans surrounding my son's graduation - eek! I have a college-age kid. Freaks me out to say it! I tell people I had him when I was 12;-)

CindyS said...

Holy Toledo!! 300 guests!?

I balked at the 65 I had and the wedding had to be in the morning and everyone was gone by 2pm. Cause of my panic attacks there was no way I was waiting till the end of the day to get married - they would have had to roll me in in a straight jacket.

I always said it would be me, him and a preacher but once my Mom got wind of the fact that 'yes, I'm going to marry him even if you don't approve', she created a list of 65 people and would have put on more but I said that was it. No more people!

And well, what about Joey? I guess him going to Outback without MM cost him big ;)

Post pics of some runner ups for wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns. I love looking at that stuff.

And your organizational skills rival that of Martha (yes, THE Martha)

Ooo, and cake!


nath said...

WOW! I'm really impressed that you've already had all that planned ^^; I understand the reservation of the country club, but all the rest LOL :) I mean, you've been engaged for 2 weeks now? I have to admitted though, I've never been involved in wedding preparation off the bat.... so maybe this is normal :D

Isabel said...

Damn girl, you've been doing a lot of wedding planning so far. I'm so proud. I was expecting something like Christina and Burke. :)

I think when Joey and I got engaged, I had all the main stuff booked within the first month but we only had 6 months to plan.

And Krispy Kreme cake? Sweetie no. lol.

Jodi_Lee said...

Wow...not wasting any time, are we?? LOL

Krispy Kreme cake sounds wonderful...I didn't even know there was such a thing!

Nicole said...

Girl I'm so proud of you! lol. And tell MM I am so for a Krispy Kreme cake, that sounds the bomb! lol.

Oh and that thing I said I wanted to do on the phone? And you said you didnt' think I'd keep up with it? Yeah your right. I want to but after much thought, you know me to well, I so wouldn't. lol.


Lori said...

300 is a big wedding! And you are planning very early, but then all the details will be out of the way and you can simply enjoy being engaged.

Krispy Kreme cake wouldn't do it for me. Now, a chocolate devil's food donut cake? I'm all over that one!

MERLIN said...

Green wedding dress by any chance ?


Sushi the Mermaid said...

Sounds lovely...*sigh*

Charm School Reject said...

Just watch it bc we invited over 300 people and just shy of 200 RSVP'd yes and only about 175 actually made it. So make sure you lowball your guest number for your guarantee.

Also, its never too early. I had all my stuff, except the reception hall and the bridesmaids dresses, picked out within amonth of getting engaged and we hadn't even set a date yet.

I wanted a Funfetti cake bc my aunt was making it and I figured she would do it and she REFUSED! I tried the Krispy Kreme route too and that didn't work out so well. BUT if you did a "sweets table" you could do the KK cake there. Double cool points if you do a chocolate fountain to dip your goodies in. lol

I can't really stand Krispy Kremes anymore now that they've moved to Chi-Town and I can have them whenever I wanted. When I could only get them when we went to visit family in Tennessee, I was addicted to them.

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