Thursday, May 03, 2007

Some Funny Things

Here are a few funny things that happened the night MM proposed:

On Saturday night (The night MM picked the ring up from the jewelers) I told him, "I need to get a pedicure. My feet are nasty." He said, "You need a manicure, too." I said, "Are you trying to hint at something?" He said, "No. But I noticed 2 of your nails are shorter than the others." Thanks babe.

So after he proposed he said, "I told you to get a manicure." The jerk. To make it even better, he's asked me at least 5 times since then. *sigh* I'm going tonight.


After I finally squeaked out my yes, MM tried to hand me the ring...which was still in the box. I said, "You have to put it on" and he said, "You put it on." I said, "No way, you have to do it." and he said, "I don't know which way it goes." and the whole time we were pushing the box back and forth between us.

He finally - reluctantly - did it.


I told you that I was playing a game of tic-tac-toe with Little Man when MM decided to propose, right? Well, just after we kissed to seal the deal Little Man says, "Mom, it's your turn" and pokes me in the ribs. The kid obviously has his priorities, huh?


The first thing my sister said when she saw the ring on my finger was, "OMG, MM! That thing sparkles like a Cubic Zirconium!"


My grandpa pulls me aside to congratulate me and says, "I told MM, 'Had you come to me first I could have hooked you up with a girl from the city. For 100 bucks you could have spent a week with her, and when you got back you wouldn't want to get married'. But it's too late now, doll." Then he snickered and kissed my cheek. Gotta love Grandpa.


Some advice for you men out there:

If you're planning to propose to your lady at or around dinner time, don't let her order ribs first. It's not easy to eat them with a knife and fork, and I was petrified I'd get my brand new ring dirty.


When we got home from dinner, MM took pictures of my ring to post on the internet and then he handed me a packet of papers. In it was the information about my ring, from the gemologist. Basically it told me the exact weight of the ring, the clarity and etc.

The he unfolded another piece of paper and stuck it under my nose. Guess what it was? The appraisal he had done for the insurance company. I now know exactly what he paid for my ring and exactly what it's worth. Niiiice. LOL


That's all for now. Just FYI, I'm going to be stuck on this engagement/wedding thing for awhile. But not more than 3 or 4 days. Anything beyond that just borders on the ridiculous. Thanks for bearing with me. :)


Isabel said...

The guys is supposed to put the ring on the finger! too cute.

Kaitlin said...

Came by your blog via Kristie J. Congratulations! That is so cool! You've got yourself a great man there & he's got good taste to boot. he-he. Yay!

Sunshine said...

You're too cute I think you should blog about it for as long as you like!
Love you

Holly said...

I know, Izzy, I know. lol

Hey Kaitlin, welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you came over. And THANKS! This is a huge thing for me (well..duh! LOL). I'm so excited to share it with everyone. :0)

I love you, too, babe. ;)

Rosie said...

Oh Holly, gush away sweetie. I think it's wonderful. It's nice to read and hear about someone so happy. Even better we get a little zip in our doo-dah day by reading about it.

CindyS said...

Bob used to tell me he was going to ask to marry me and I was all, I know and then he brought up the fact that an engagement ring was supposed to be 3 months salary. I just snorted and said, uh, no cause I'm cheap that way and hey, people have bills to pay and stuff and how do you save three months salary and I was planning on getting married fast. Like yesterday fast (yeah, I was one of those who knew it when I saw him) I think Bob was vastly relieved that I thought it was crazy to spend so much on a ring.

So years later Bob showed me the insurance thing and I was all 'this isn't three months salary!'.

Cause I think I'm funny ;)

Your grampa is a hoot! and I think it's funny you played hot potato with the ring.


MERLIN said...

You're going to think this is funny coming from a man but the first thing I thought when I saw the ring was "Hey....she's had her nails done".


MERLIN said...

MM and I think differently here.

I wouldn't have mentioned the cost of the ring.


Kookie said...

We'll bear with you for as long as you want...big, big congrats to ya again, Hols! So danged happy for you...LOL! :o)

Stacy~ said...

LOL on grandpa. What a character.

Holly! I am so, so happy for you! Hey, I say talk it up as much as you want - you're entitled and I don't think any of us mind one bit. How exciting. You deserve the happiness :)

Holly said...

I think you're funny, too. ;)

Thanks. Although, I don't know. It feels almost...wrong to be this happy. haha

Thank you, Merlin! I trimmed and filed them after he mentioned them on Saturday, but I didn't get them professionally done until last night.

And Sweetie, not many men WOULD mention the cost the of the ring. MM is just special like that. ;)

Thanks. I'm so glad y'all are as happy as I am. It makes this experience 50x better.

I love my grandpa. He's so adorable. I swear he sits around all day trying to think of things to say that will shock us. He's succeeded a couple of times, too.

nath said...

LOL :D well he did try to hint it :D and your grandfather sounds like so much fun LOL :D the great thing about the way MM proposed was that everyone in your family was there :D

Casee said...

OMGawd, your family is freaking funny. I especially love the tic-tac-toe thing w/ LM. Too cute.

I think you have a right to talk about it for more than 3 or 4 days. Think about how far you've come in a year. That's worth at least a week.

Nicole said...

To funny, as soon as I read MM said he didn't know what way to put it on I scrolled down to see what way you put it on. We do it opposite. See tell MM no worries, there's no right or wrong way. To each their own.

Beta Fishy said...

Congrats again Holly. I think that you should post about the engagement until the wedding. You are my daily fix of love and romance! I have to have my misty-eyed read at least once a day. So keep it coming!

Holly said...

My grandpa is a hoot. My sister told MM, "Dude you have BIG BALLS to do it in front of our entire family." LOL

A week, eh? Ok, if you say so. :P

Little Man told me last night that I've got it on wrong. He said, "it's a pear, mom. You have it on upside down." LOL

What a lovely thing to say. Thank you! For you, I'll post as much sappy stuff as possible. ;)

Charm School Reject said...

Post away, post away, post away, post away. That's what you're supposed to do, ya know.

Let me tell you, your sister is one classy lady!! lol

Little Man cracked me up.

I know exactly how much mine cost bc I went to the store and picked it out!! haha

Charm School Reject said...

PS: You do have it on right, I think. I'm 98% sure that you are supposed to wear it so that when you put your hand out to show off the rock, they see it the right way, while you see it upside down.

Holly said...

That makes sense to me, Charm. It looks good on my finger either way, though, so I'm not concerned. LOL

Jodi_Lee_McG said...

Awesome! Awesome! I am so freain' happy for you, girl! I can't say I didn't see it coming, but i'm glad he truly surprised you. Much love, my dear!

Devon said...

Gush as much as you want. This is a special time. And I'm in the middle of wedding mania with my sister, so I'm used to it.

Rowena said...


This was such a funny post, gotta love the little man and his priorities and I ditto what Izzy said up there, the guy is supposed to put the ring on, because I have so much experience in that department, huh? LOL.

So...are you going to blog about how much it cost? LMAO, just kidding. Just email the deets, kay? LMAO LMAO, I kid, I kid. haha.

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