Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Edited: I'm Still In Shock

..I said yes. Can you believe it? It took me a few minutes, but I gave the right answer (that was the correct answer, wasn't it?).

About a month ago my aunt asked us if we'd like to join her for dinner out. She said she hasn't seen enough of us and would love to spend an evening with the entire family. But entire family, I mean my mother, father, sister, brother's girlfriend (my brother is away at college), grandma, grandpa and my children. Although we live close to each other, our schedules don't allow us to spend much time together. We all agreed.

From what MM told me later, once he remembered we were having dinner as a family, he decided that's when he'd like to propose.

I have to tell you, I had a bloody shit ass day yesterday. DW is still sick and therefore out of the office, so my work load has doubled. Not only that, but that time of the month is fast approaching and I'm PMSing like you wouldn't believe. I was tempted to cancel our dinner plans altogether. It was that bad. To top it all off, the kids were being royal pains in the arse and driving me batty. I just wanted to curl up on the couch with a good book and block out the world.

I knew that wouldn't be possible, so I rushed home after work to take a shower and change my clothes. MM was supposed to pick the kids and I up at 6:20, but he was running late and didn't arrive until just before 6:40, which meant if we didn't haul balls we'd be extremely late. Naturally I was annoyed at him for this. Then, my brother's girlfriend was late and my children were going insane just standing around waiting.

To say I wasn't at my best would be the understatement of the year. I felt I maintained fairly well, but still, I knew I wasn't fit for polite company. Eventually we decided to go ahead and get the table and we all ordered drinks. Shortly after that my brother's GF arrived and we started checking out the menu.

Side Note: Forgive me if this post is all over the place, but that's exactly how I feel at the moment! :End Side Note

From what I came to understand later, MM took my aunt aside when we first arrived and asked if she would mind if he proposed. He told her since it was her night, he didn't want to take away from it, but since our family didn't get together very often he thought this was the perfect opportunity. Naturally she agreed. Duh. LOL

So, he took my father aside and asked permission, then he asked my grandfather. They both agreed. My aunt's job was to get me away from the table so he could tell everyone else. At one point she asked if I'd like to walk with her to the restrooms, but I was busy glaring daggers at my overly hyper children and declined. Luck was on her side, however, because a short time later Little Man had to use the restroom. We left the table and evidently while we were gone MM announced to the rest of my family his intentions. Then he said, "It's a surprise, so when she comes back KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE!"

Apparently they did a credible job of it, too, because I didn't suspect a thing. Little Man and I came back from the restroom and he asked me to play a game of tic-tac-toe with him. About halfway through our second game MM pushed back from the table and started to stand up. I glanced over at him and he said, "As long as I have you all here," and he dropped down to one knee and pulled a little black box from his pocket. To say I was shocked is a complete and total understatement.

He opened the box and held it out in front of him and said, "Holly, will you marry me?" My stomach heaved and I put my hand over my mouth. I'm sure my eyes were as wide as silver dollars and I was literally struck speechless. There was complete silence at the table and he just stared at me, while I stared at the ring. It's bloody gorgeous!

After a good three minutes of silence someone (at this point I'm not sure) said, "Are you going to say yes?" and MM said, "Honey, you can't eat this one" (in reference to all the Ring-Pops he's been proposing with) and I was finally able to nod my head. I squeaked out, "Ok" and when he just continued to look at me I said, "yes" and the entire table cheered. Someone said, "Are you going to cry?" and The Girl said, "You can't cry, mom, your mascara will run!" Gotta love the girl. :P

In case you're wondering, no, I didn't cry. I was very misty eyed, but I held it together. My sister, on the other hand, started crying as soon as he dropped down to one knee. Ha!

The ring is a beautiful 1.09 ct. pear shaped solitaire on a 14 kt. gold band. Simple, elegant and huge! I adore it. It's sparkly and pretty! *sigh*

Anyway, the family congratulated us of course, and then the servers all ran over. The one gal said, "I couldn't wait any more, I had to see!" It was so cute.

After that things are kind of a blur. I kept staring at MM and my ring, and MM kept staring at my ring and me. I called everyone I could think of to tell them. Isabel's reaction was the best.

"Shut up. Are you serious?"
"Yes! I'm dead serious."
"Whatever, Holly. Did he really?"
"Isabel! I'm serious! He really did!"
"Holly, seriously? With a real ring?"
*still skeptical* "Wow. That's awesome."
"You suck!"

Nicole was close to as good, though.

Me: "MM proposed!"
Her: MM's on the phone? What?"
Me: "He proposed!"
Her: "What phone?"
Me: *speaking very slowly as I might if talking to a two-year-old* "Niks. MM, my boyfriend? Ring, proposed, engaged."
Her: "OHHH! You're engaged!!!"


Daphne screamed so loud I'm partially deaf in one ear, Rene was crying so hard I could barely understand her and Rowena said, "really?" like it was something that happened every day. Grace bordered on stalkerville, calling my cell phone, emailing me, sending me messages on MySpace and IMing me. MM's family were all very excited for us and his dad welcomed me to the family. He said, "I get to be a step-grandpa now! That is so cool!" It was great.

My concentration is crap today, but I think I got all the salient points there. We're talking about October 25, 2008, but it isn't set in stone yet. I swear, I have a permagrin. HA!

Thank you all for your congratulations! I couldn't wait to get home to blog about it and in my excitement forgot to mention my answer. Since there WAS some doubt about what it would be, I thank you all for being so patient!

Mailyn, you're right, the ten year plan didn't work out quite the way I'd intended. ;)

Edited to add: I can't believe I forgot to tell y'all what the kids said. They were both very excited. The Girl kept saying, "this is the best that's ever happened to me!" and Little Man said, "Mom, you have to call ---" and he kept listing my friends and family. Then he said, "OH, do you want to call daddy and tell him?" Hmm, somehow I don't think the RB will welcome this news.

In any case, they're very excited. ;)


Isabel said...


Awwwww how sweet of him! *sniffle* You left that poor boy waiting for an answer for 3 minutes??? Poor MM. lol.

*squee* I'm so happy for you!!!!!

Isabel said...

And and I forgot, Props to MM for asking dad's and grandpa's permission first.

ames said...

Yay!! Great story, made me misty eyed for sure.

Love that last picture, the ring looks magical.

HUGS to you, MM and the kids.

How did they react?

MERLIN said...

Congratulations Holly ; I'm really happy for you ( and I told you to marry him at least 3 months ago !).

Please let me know the wedding arrangements some time next year.

I'd like to send a card or something.

Best Wishes,


Rowena said...

Well you caught me at a bad time, so many things were going through my head that the only thing that came out was, "Serious?"

After I got off the phone with you, I turned to Chloe and said, "Dude, MM finally proposed to Holly!" And she's like, "Are we happy" I nodded my head and said, "Fuck yeah we are!"



nath said...

That is a great story :D I'm so happy for you :D and indeed, bravo to MM for asking permission... and your ring looks beautiful! very shiny :D and what about the kids? how did they react?

Nicole said...

Wooo HOoooo! That is soooo freaking sweet the way he did it all. I can totally picture you sitting there all shocked! I wish someone had recorded it. lol. Congrats girl, love you!

And I swear you said Mark was on the phone. I thought he was going to ask me more questions about getting the ring, I was gonna be all "seriously, at midnight?!" lol.

Daphne said...

Okay first, sorry I screamed in your ear! I couldn't help it. =P Second, I heart you and MM. I really do.

He gets mad points for asking permission. That's not a must for me, but I'm a little old fashioned, and I LOVE it when the guy asks permmission first.

Daphne said...

and one more thing.... let's get manicures and have girl time!

Dara Edmondson said...

Aw - very sweet. Lovely ring. I wish you all the best.

Dance Chica said...

Wow, I am so very happy for you! Congratulations! And did you know? October 25 is my birthday, so it's funny you should pick that date. Big hugs! :-)

Rosie said...

Congratulations again Holly. What a great story and how wonderful that the engagement will be a memory you can share not only with your children, but with the rest of your family as well. Sweet...really. BTW, nice ring!

biblioharlot said...

Congratulations Holly!!! What a sweet story! LOVE the ring!!!!

Kay said...

Oh my God, congrats!

So it looks like you'll be moving in with MM and Jack after all.

And that ring, oh my lord! Beautiful!

Teena said...

Congrats, Holly!!!!!!!

scooper said...

Yay!! Congrats. I can only imagine your state of mind.

Kristie (J) said...

SSSSQQQQUUUUEEEEE Holly *picture me who you've never met jumping up and down* Congratulations You!!! And what a sweet thing MM did to get not only you'r Dad's but also you grandfather's blessings. I am so damn happy for both of you!!!

Rene Lyons said...

Look at the rock! You know, when I come there, I'm trying it on - and if I accidentally forget to take it off when I leave - oh well. lol

Seriously, Holly, congratulations. I love you so much and now I have to love MM for being so wonderful and for loving you and the kids so much. And.....damn........I'm crying again.

Love you both!

Holly said...

Thank you all so much. It's wonderful to know you all share my excitement. I feel so blessed to know all of you - and to have this big ol' ring on my finger, if I'm being - it's just amazing.

I'm simply overwhelmed.

I honestly don't think it's set in yet. I keep looking at this foreign object on my finger and that supposed to be there?

Give me a few days, and I promise I'll be more coherent. Hmm, or at least I hope I will.


Sarah said...

Oh I am sooo behind! But I am so very happy for you! I just love that he did that with your whole family. Wow. And ring pops? Damn woman. Nice. I love it and again I am so very very happy for you!

Zeek said...

AWWWWWWW! (Sorry I didnt get around to commenting yesterday- I was waiting for THIS post!)

and yes CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am very happy for you and happy for MM because you said YES! LOL!

The ring is GAHGEOUS Dahling!

BIG (((HUUUG)))!!!!

Casee said...

Gawd, he is so sweet. I'm so glad that the kids took it well. Congrats to both of you. Love you, girl!

Kristie said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy and excited for you and soooo glad you said yes! MM sounds like a wonderful guy... hold on tight!

Beta Fishy said...

Congratulations Holly. That is a great way to be proposed to, surrounded by family. The ring looks so beautiful.

You should honeymoon in Texas....


Lori said...

Holy shit! I take a day off from blogland, and look what happens!!! Congratulations!!! That is so wonderful! I think it's so sweet that he asked your dad and grandfather for permission. So old-fashioned. I've been saying it for months - he's a keeper :)

Holly said...

LOL! Lori, I wondered where you were. I figured you'd have been the first one here saying "I TOLD YOU SO!" LOL

Thanks, all.

I promising, I'm holding!

CindyS said...

*happy sigh*

Your soon to father-in-law is the sweetest cause he obviously loves you and your kids!

I'm so happy for all of you and I still have that grin on my face ;)


Chantal said...

Awwwwww. Holly, I have this huge grin on my face and tears in my eyes.
This is so cool!

Devon said...


I'm so happy and excited for you all. MM sounds fabulous, and the kids are so happy! So cute!

Yay! Has it sunk it yet? Do you keep fiddling with and staring at the ring?

Kate D. said...

Wow. Okay, it's taken me forever to get back to BlogLand and read this, but I'm so happy for you!

Very sincere (and very belated) congratulations!

Dev said...

I'm very late to the party and not a very good blogger pal. I wanted to say congratulation ~ I got misty reading about the proposal. Wishing you all the best.

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