Monday, October 09, 2006

More MM & Joey and Anniversary stuff

So, a few weeks ago Isabel blogged about Joey and MM and how Joey is really competitive. MM doesn't really care if he one-ups Joey. He says he just wants me to be happy. Not that me and Izzy don't use Joey's competitive streak to our advantage. What? We're not stupid.

Anyway, Isabel already told you, but for our anniversary, MM said he wanted to get me a day at the spa. He said I needed a massage and maybe a mani/pedi too. I was all for it. He said, "I can't decide, though, so help me out. Do you want to do a massage here? Or do you want to do it in Vegas?" I said I didn't care and he said, "I'll tell you what. I'll buy one for you and one for Isabel and that way you two can have a girl day in Vegas. Then me and Joey will take you out for a really nice dinner. Like at Margaritaville." ha ha. MM is obsessed with anything Jimmy Buffett related. Since Isabel is obsessed with anything margarita related, I guess it works out.

Naturally I told Isabel all about our Day Spa trip and she rubbed it in to Joey. Just to be a jerk I told Joey the Cali-hoes (a group of friends Iz and I have online, like Dylan, Grace and some others) named MM #1 and that Joey didn't have a chance of being on top again. He was all sorts of upset, but he swore he'd get MM.

So, his gift is really sweet, but Joey has taken it to a new level. So the other day MM says, "Tell Joey I only want to get you the Day Spa trip because I want to be able to spend more time at the range shooting. Really I just want you to be happy, but we don't want Joey to be sad, either." Awww. LOL Oh, and the range thing....

MM says there's this shooting range somewhere in Vegas where you can shoot automatic weapons. It sounds AWESOME. I love shooting. But I told MM he and the boys can go alone, so that me and the girls can hang out and go shopping or whatever.

So now MM is trying to protect Joey's feelings. AWWW!

Then, last night I go up to MM's house so we could spend our anniversary night together. He had to work and My Favorite Marine is visiting, so we didn't make plans for the day, but I wanted to see him, so we drove up. I didn't tell him we were coming, either, so it was a surprise. When we got there he was all excited and he had a really sweet card for me and a King Size Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (my favorite!). I'll try to post a pic of the card later.

Anyway, remember how I told y'all how we met? And how Cookie and The Devil Woman played such a big part in it? Well, he bought them cards, too. He said he wanted to thank them for hooking us up, because if not for their scheming, he'd never know me...which means he'd never have known real happiness. *sniffle* SOOOO SWEET!

He was watching Road Trip when I got there, so I sat on the couch with my Reeses and snuggled up with him to finish it. Then, out of nowhere he said, "When are Joey and Isabel coming up here again?" I said, "Well, I have no idea. Probably not anytime soon. They were just here. And besides, we'll see them in Vegas next month." MM says, all whiny, "But I want Outback."

You see, whenever Izzy and Joey come to visit, we go to Outback together. Mostly because Isabel and Joey know where it is. Well, that and they have those yummy Wallaby Darned drinks. Yum.

I said, "Honey, we can go to Outback without them, you know?" He said, "It's not the same. Who's going to share my Bloomin Onion? And my desert?" I just laughed. Poor MM is having Joey withdrawals. I'm thinking I should be scared, but it's kind of cute.

We'll see how it goes in Vegas. Things should be interesting if nothing else. Especially with Jazz's hubby Josh there. He's a prankster just like Joey, Adam and MM. *sigh*

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I got MM really awesome tickets to Gretchen Wilson as an anniversary gift. He loves her and when he found out she was going to be in town he was all excited. The concert isn't until the 20th, but I gave him the tickets already. He's pumped. I'd be excited, too, but we're going with The Devil Woman and the Drama Queen, so I'm more resigned than anything.

I have the day off, so I'm going to read a book. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Isabel said...

awwww.. MM misses Joey.

I told Joey about it and he laughed. "we're too kids all excited for our play date!" Silly boys.

ames said...


But I'm telling you and Izzie-watch out!! Your men are going to raise all kinds of shenanigans...evil shenanigans. hehehe

Holly said...

LOL Izzy, that's funny. It IS just like 2 kids excited for a playdate.

Ames, don't remind me. I'm already having anxiety attacks over this.

Kelley said...

Awww. Tears are tickling my eyes reading this. MM sounds like such a great guy. I love these kinds of stories. I'm so happy you have such a wonderful man in your life after RB.
MM is a keeper!

I think its so cool how you, Jazz, Dylan, and everyone are such great friends. Did you know one another before you started doing the blogs and such on the interenet?

Devonna said...

I'm already looking forward to the Vegas stories. MM is such a great guy and look how he's trying to take care of his friend Joey. I shudder justing thinking of the trouble those two are going to get into together.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wish I was going on this Vegas trip.

You could all get arrested with me.


Holly said...

Well, Kelley, we were friends before we started the blog, but we met on the internet. We blogged about it a few months ago on SF.

Isn't it amazing that we met on the internet and became such good friends?

You might have to wait for the stories, especially if we all end up in jail together. LOL

Instead, how bout I call you to bail us out? that will be fun, right?

Jazz said...

Hmmm, no comment on the first half of your blog.

But awwww, so cute about your anniversary suprise. Going to see him. To cute! And the Outback thing? lol, MM has a guycrush. hee hee.

And I think Josh is going to go nuts with trying to mess with you since you and him have this football war going. lol.

Isabel said...

ha ha. Adam swear the three of them are getting us kicked out of Vegas. I told him as long as it's after our spa day. ha ha

Dylan said...

Awwwwwwwww, Happy Anniversary Holly and MM!

I'm with Ames, ya'll better watch out before those two leave you for'll be Joey and MM together before we know it. LOL.

My family said that Gretchen is tight in concert, so have fun sweets!

The Book Girl, A.K.A. Jodi said... sounds like you've got a keeper!!

Oh, and none of this "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" I want stories...and good ones! :)

Teena said...

Even though I was just at the spa yesterday, I'm jealous :)

Sounds like you guys will have a blast in Vegas. I've never been so I want to hear all about it!

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