Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tales of the Devil Woman: Episode 13

I'm sure that you've all heard that twins supposedly have some kind of connection to each other. From all accounts (or most, anyway) it's said that when one twin feels something, so does the other. Like if one of them is in a car accident, the other twin feels his/her pain. Or when one of them is distressed about something, the other knows it.

Supposedly, the same can be said for tastes in music, or clothing, or hairstyles. Like they could be living on opposite sides of town, not talk to each other at all, and meet up at the market wearing the exact same, or a very similar outfit. Some people claim that even their hairstyles will be similar, even though they haven't discussed it.

Apparently, I share the same psycho..err, psychic connection with the Devil Woman. Much to my dismay.

Last week Wednesday I decided to dress up a bit for work. Our office is very casual. My boss calls it a No Tie Zone. He says the only time he'll be wearing a tie is if he's going to a funeral or a job interview, so if we see him in one, we should be worried. He usually wears jeans, tennis shoes and Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirts.

The rest of us follow his example. Some days I wear capris and t's. Some days jeans and button ups. Some days running suits. Every so often, though, I have the urge to dress up a bit. On those days, I'll scour my closet and pair a skirt with a button up, or wear a dress, and if I'm feeling really daring, I'll even wear a suit. DW does casual, too, but most of the time, she's not as casual as I am. She usually does skirts and t's with flip-flops, or jeans and boots with a nice top. Not always, but most of the time.

But back to my story. So last Wednesday I felt like dressing up a bit. I wore a black and pink skirt with a pink top and black heels. I left my hair down (it's pretty long, falling to just below my bra line at the middle of my back) and just pulled the front back with a clip. I even threw on a necklace and an anklet, something I never do.

I got to work early, before DW arrived and started working. Cookie remarked on my outfit when I came in, saying how cute I looked and how nice and blah, blah, blah. So, about 20 minutes after I came in, I heard Cookie bust out laughing. The I hear DW say, "What?" I turn and look, and my mouth fell open. There was DW, in a pink and black skirt, with a pink top and black strappy sandals. Though the outfits weren't exactly the same, they were close enough that you would have thought we'd coordinated. Even her hair was pulled back like mine was (though she had more curl in hers than I did) and her jewelry was similar.

Now, that wouldn't have been so funny to Cookie, but we do this at least three times a week. If we aren't wearing almost the exact same outfit, we're wearing the same colors or the same hairstyle or the same shoes or the same....something. It's freaky.

Yesterday, I couldn't find anything to wear. I was just having one of those blah days where nothing I tried on looked right. After spending an hour trying on half of my closet (what? So I have a lot of clothes, what can I say...I am the Spawn of the Devil Woman, after all) I finally just threw on a pair of jeans with a burnt orange t and my favorite butterfly sandals (Which, on a side note, sadly broke yesterday....I'm so heartbroken. I hope I can find them again, because they were cute and comfortable, plus, they went with pretty much anything). I left my hair down and did that front pull back thing again and set off to work, running even later than usual.

When I arrived at the office, DW was standing next to Cookie's desk, talking to her about something or other (I assume) and they both glanced up when I walked in. DW made this sound in her throat, stepped around the desk so I could see her, and made this up and down motion with her hands, indicating her outfit.

I just shook my head. She was wearing jeans, sandals and a fairly bright green t-shirt. We looked like twins...again (see pic). This morning, I had another one of those days where I couldn't find anything to wear. I had on a pair of tan cammy pants with a dark brown top and tan flip-flops, but because I wasn't comfortable, I changed into bright blue capris and a black top. When I got to the office, I thanked the Good Lord I'd decided to change, because DW was wearing green cammy shorts, a brown tee the exact same shade as the one I had on initially and green and brown sandals. I just kept my mouth shut and started working.

This whole psychic thing is starting to freak me out. I mean, it's one thing to be the Spawn, but it's quite another to be the mirror image of the Devil Woman.

Lord, please save me now.


ames said...

LMAO!! I love reading about you and DW, it always cracks me up.

Isabel said...

HA HA! That's too funny. My mom and never do that.

Holly said...

Yeah, it's creepy. *sigh*

Mailyn said...

LMAO!!!! dude that IS freaky. I mean my mom and I combine but only when we want to.

OMG you are turning into your mother!!! bahahaha!!!!!!!!

LOL ;)

Holly said...


UGH, now my tummy is all upset and I keep throwing up a little in my mouth. Next I'll be having panic attacks and an eye twitch!


Grace said...

LOL!!! That's so funny Holly!

And you know, turning out like your mama wouldn't be a bad thing, she's awesome, and you know we love her like a ton of bricks too!

Holly said...

Grace, quit sucking up....My mama doesn't even read this blog...LMAO!


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