Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tales of the Devil Woman: Episode 9

We all have a fear of being alone. Or most of us, anyway. Sure, we all like a little bit of alone time. A day at home alone to read a good book or watch a good movie. A night at home to soak in a hot tub and drink a glass of wine. But in the general scheme of things, we don't want to be alone.

I suffer from this myself. I live alone with my two children and while I enjoy the solitude I get once my children are in bed, I miss having someone there to talk to. Or I used to.

Now, I talk to the Devil Woman.

The poor woman seems to suffer from an extreme case of Separation Anxiety. She can't go more than a few hours without talking to me. Really, it's kind of cute.

We work together. So basically, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. we're together non-stop. Yes, you heard right, that's 8 full hours of enjoying each others company. Now, I love DW. She gave birth to me and for that I'll always be extremely grateful. But really, is it necessary to keep in contact or see each other 24/7?

It's not like I can close my office door at work and block her out part of the day, either. I don't have a door, or an office. My desk is directly across from hers, so I see her. All. Day. Long.

Now, you would think that would suffice. Right? Apparently not.

We leave the office at 5 p.m. and most of the time we walk out together. We bid each other farewell and say, "I'll see you tomorrow. Love you." I go pick up my kids and she heads home.

Then my phone rings. At 6:00.

DW: "So, I got home and blah, blah, blah."

We talk for a few minutes about whatever and sign off.

My phone rings again at 8:00.

DW: "So, I just got off the phone with so and so and blah, blah, blah."

Again, we talk for a few minutes and then sign off.

At 9:30, the phone rings yet again.

DW: "Listen, I'm headed to bed, but I just wanted to tell you blah, blah, blah."

We sign off and I roll my eyes. Finally, some peace and quiet. I sit down with my book or at the computer and the phone rings again.

DW: "Oh, I forgot to tell you...."

I sigh, make the appropriate noises and finally get her off the phone an hour later.

This is a daily occourance. To make matters worse, she can't go a day without seeing me, either.

We're together for 8 hours a day 5 days a week and we still see each other on the weekends.

DW: "So, you want to see a movie with me this weekend?"


DW: "Should we do lunch tomorrow?"


DW: "Let's have a BBQ this weekend."


DW: "Want to go to Cancun for Thanksgiving?" (Did I mention how much I love that woman? No, well let me do so now. hehehe)

Suffice it to say, I'm pretty sure the Devil Woman suffers from a severe case of separation anxiety.

When I was telling her about this blog, she said, "I do not have separation anxiety. I don't even like you."

I said, "Uh-huh. So if I decided to move to -"
She cut me off, "Eff that. You're not ever moving more than half an hour away."

Yeah, that's what I thought.


Isabel said...

LMAO! My mom gave Joey devil eyes when he suggested moving to Oregon. LOL!

And too funny about her calling you all evening wrong. lol.

Dylan said...

LOL, I LOVE DEVIL MOM!! She so freaking rocks, how could you even kid around about moving so far away from her...shame on you Holly! LOL.

That's too cute that she calls you all friggin' day long, sounds like my sister, D. ALL the flippin' time she's calling just to shoot the breeze! hehe.

Too cute!

Grace said...

LMAO!!! Your ma is so funny! Gosh I love her!

Be sure to let her know I said Hiii!! :D

lil fairies said...

LOL! keep those DW stories coming Holly!

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