Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Little Secrets...

Alright, so we're discussing Sophie Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret this month and Isabell and Grace spilled theirs, so I'm following suit here. I'm scurred. haha

1) I still sleep with a teddy bear. When MM first started sleeping over, I hid it under the bed so he wouldn't know, then I'd pull it out after he fell asleep. I made sure I woke up before him, too, to hide it again.

2) Sometimes when I go shoe shopping and I find a pair I love but can't afford to buy I hide them in the store somewhere until I can come back for them. Like in the middle of a clothes rack. It works, too.

3) If I'm reading a particularily good book, I'll go into work late so I can finish it.

4) Of course, I lie and say I was doing something else instead. I've had a lot of flat tires.

5) I hate porn, but sometimes I read the articles in Penthouse.

6) Sometimes, when the Rat Bastard calls to talk to the kids, I lie and say they're with my mom so he can't talk to them.

7) Sometimes when DW brings lunch into work I'll eat it and then blame it on Cookie.

9) I hate tomatoes, so if I order a sandwhich and they forget to leave them off I tell them I'm allergic so they make me a new one.

10) I'm the one who ate all of the Peanut Butter Cheesecake at Thanksgiving last year.

11) I had an imaginary friend when I was little named Marlon. He was mexican and he ate all the ice cream.

12) Sometimes I still talk to him.

13) Sometimes I'll get a quart of ice cream and eat the entire thing in one sitting. And even though I live alone and there's no one to catch me or care, I'll hide the carton at the bottom of the garbage can.

14) If I'm on the phone with someone and I want to get off I'll call myself from my cell phone and say it's my mom calling on the other line.

15) When my kids ask me the definition of a word and I don't know, I make it up.

Alright, that's it for now. I know I have more, but a girl has to keep some things to herself, right?


Isabel said...

i love number 1. I still have my stuffed pink elephant. He sits on my night stand.

I used to do 14 when I was dating. hee hee

Daphne said...

so the next time i call u and i hear your cell ring... i'll know what's up. haha.

Teena said...

You don't share your ice cream (as per #13) with Marlon anymore? What a meanie!!

Holly said...

Daphne...I would NEVER! *blinks innocently*

See, now that I'm older I understand that Marlon is a MAN and therefore doesn't need the ice cream as much as I do...*snicker*

Anonymous said...

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