Sunday, February 05, 2006

My First Kiss

I had my first boyfriend when I was in 2nd grade. His name was Jamie and he sent me a note that asked if I'd "go with him" and to check yes or no. I checked yes and later that day at recess his friend John Paul ran up to me and said I had to kiss him because I'd signed a contract. I punched Jamie in the nose and took off running toward the school. I ran into another kid and smacked my nose pretty good. Me and Jamie ended up in the nurses office for the rest of the afternoon...both of our noses bleeding like crazy. But still no kiss.

When I was in 5th grade, a boy named Mike asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and we continued to "see" each other at school. He bought me a necklace for valentines day - a locket - and tried to lean in for a kiss. I kicked him in the balls instead and he spent 2 hours on the ground outside after lunch recess. Yeah, I was hell on wheels.

Then, when I was in 6th grade, I met another boy. His name was Travis and he followed me home from school all the time. He had the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen...even up to this day. I used to stare at him and my heart would pound and my stomach would quiver and I'd think, "You're amazing." But wouldn't ever say it aloud.

It was summer and we were running around in my front yard and he tackled me. He ended up on top of me and his blue eyes bore into mine and then he said, "I think I caught a keeper." And he leaned in a planted his lips on mine. Birds chirped, thunder boomed and my world tilted on it's axis. Then he raised his head and said, "Yep, definitely a keeper." and started chasing me around the yard again. I didn't stop smiling for a week.

A few months later Travis' family moved to another state and we lost touch with each other. Then, shortly before I got married, I ran into him again. He said he'd been living in Colorado and that he'd missed me like crazy. He said he thought about me all the time and wanted to see me again before he left to go back home. He even told me he wanted me to have his children.

As the Rat Bastard and I were always fighting at that point, I can honestly say I considered it. I considered grabbing what I could fit into one suitcase and hopping in his truck and moving to Colorado. I didn't, but man did I consider it.

I have seen or heard from him since, but sometimes I still think about him. Where he's living, if he's married, if he ever thinks about me.

I guess sometimes, even if you don't want to, you think about What Might Have Been.


Isabel said...

Hey there girl, like this blog. What might have been, sigh. I think about too. But, what might have been may not be good as what we have now. :)

Grace said...

Syl has a great point.

But it still doesn't stop me from being all, Awwww! over your first kiss moment. It sounds like something right out of a movie!

Daphne said...

oh i love this story. man... if i kept dwelling on all my coulda woulda shouldas....i'd go nuts. still it's always fun to play that game once in awhile.

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