Sunday, January 22, 2006

Meet The Parents

MM took me to meet his parents the weekend after Thanksgiving. I didn't get to meet his dad or step-mom, but I did meet his grandparents, aunt, uncle, sister, neice and mom. Plus I met his best friend and his best friends parents, whom he considers his "adopted" parents.

We drove down Saturday afternoon. I think his family is great. I was a little bit nervous, because even though it doesn't seem like it, I'm really shy about meeting new people. Plus, I wanted them to like me.

We drove by his mom's house and his grandparents house on the way to see his best friend. I swear, they all live within a few blocks of each other. We pulled up to Alf's house (his best friend, and yes, before you ask, that's a nickname) and MM hopped out to exchange hugs.

They're really cute together. They've been friends for about twelve years and you can tell their close. MM gets all excited whenever they talk on the phone ( I think it's really cute how he acts like a little schoolgirl after a phone call from his best friend) or at the prospect of spending time with him. He even bounces up and down and rubs his hands together in excitment *insert eye roll here*.

Anyway, he introduced me and then Alf's parents came out and said hello as well. We stood around and talked for awhile while Alf put up his parent's Christmas decorations, then MM drove me over to his Grandparent's house.

They're super sweet. His grandma fed us, and his mom walked over from her house so we could all visit with each other. Then his sister and niece showed up, too. I expected to feel like I was sitting in the hot seat, but they hardly grilled me at all. It turns out that his aunt and uncle have been to my home state, so we talked about that for awhile, then I had a great conversation with his grandpa about their recent travel's to the South.

After we ate we went back and picked up Alf, then went to In-and-Out, which from what I gathered is a sort of tradition for them. I thought it was kind of odd, personally, because MM had just wolfed down two huge sandwiches and various other things at his grandparent's, but what do I know, right?

Alf and MM reminicsed about old times, and I heard some pretty good stories.

MM had been telling me that I had to get Alf's approval before things could get "offically" serious between us, but I think Alf was more worried about meeting me than I was him. Apparently one of MM's ex-girlfriend's didn't like Alf because she said he was a bad influence or something, so I could tell Alf was being kind of guarded. I told him not to worry about it, because I'd already decided I wasn't going to like him and nothing he could say or do would change my mind. hehehe MM laughed.

After In-and-Out we went back to Alf's parent's house and hung out for awhile. I really liked Alf's parents and MM seemed a lot more comfortable with them than with his own family, which is something I'm still working on trying to figure out. They're huge Jimmy Buffet fans and seem like grown up hippies. It was cute.

On the way home MM told me that his grandpa pulled him aside just before we left and told him, "Not to let this one get away." Apparently that really threw MM, since he'd never said that before. I got a little bit nervous hearing that, because I'm still skittish about forevers and marriage, but I'm slowly adjusting (yes, even after all these months).

All in all I'd say it was a good visit. MM didn't get 20 phone calls warning him off, and they all hugged me when we left, so I'm assuming I passed the test. I hope.


Grace said...

Awwww! Of COURSE you passed the test! How could you not? *grin*

Isabel said...

How sweet. Sigh.....

Dylan said...

Too cute.

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