Monday, January 16, 2006

4th Reason I Love MM

Last weekend I was kind of irritated with MM. We were supposed to see a movie together - Memoirs of a Geisha - and he kept hemhawing about going. At first he said he wanted to go with me, but when it came down to crunch time he refused to commit. At first he said, "Oh, well, we'll see." And then it was, "Well, we could always rent a movie" and then, "I don't really feel like sitting through a movie." Man-Speak translator: I don't want to see that movie.

I told him, "Sweetie, if you don't want to see that movie, just say so. I'll make plans to go with my mom instead." He said: "No, I told you I'd take you to it and I will. I just don't feel like seeing it tonight." Of course, when I suggested King Kong, he was all for it, but that's another story.

Needless to say, I was a bit upset with him. Not because he didn't want to go see the movie, but because he wouldn't fess up to it. I got back at him by wearing my CFM boots and explaining in great detail the outfit I'd planned on wearing if we had gone to the theatre to see MoaG (the outfit included tall CFM boots, a barely there skirt and no panties...of course, I never would have worn it, but I take my revenge seriously), to which he replied, "How long does it take to get from your house to the theatre?" When I told him ten minutes, he said, "Good, that gives you twenty minutes to change. If we leave now, we'll make the late show." I just rolled my eyes.

After much debate, we finally decided to rent a movie instead. We watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which was good, BTW) and that was the end of it. In case you were curious, I still haven't seen MoaG, but I'm hoping to this week.

Then he had to leave town for the week. He left Sunday night last week and came back Saturday. His best friend was in town from Hawaii and he went back home to spend time with him (about 2 hours from here) after his business trip ended on Friday. I was fine with that, because I know they don't see each other that often.

He called me Saturday and said he was on his way home. He asked if it was alright if he came directly to my house. I said sure, that was fine and he said, "Good, because I can't go another day without seeing you, I miss you that much!"

Say it with me, AWWW!

So he came over Saturday and we hung out for awhile. I had PMS and wasn't feeling like doing anything, so we just watched some T.V. and caught each other up on our week.

Then he called me yesterday morning and said he was finishing up some things at home and then he'd be heading to my place. I said, "Oh, were we hanging out today?" And he said, "Well, I thought so." I said, "Ok, whatever."

Apparently he thought I didn't want to see him, even though I was only teasing him, because at 4:00 p.m. he still wasn't here. So I called him to see what was up and he said he didn't think I was in a hurry to see him, so he'd just been chilling at home. I felt awful! I was only teasing about the hanging out thing, and he'd taken me seriously. Poor guy.

Anyway, he said he'd head down shortly and we signed off. Throughout the day I'd been kind of irritable and PMSy, plus I seemed to have caught the stomach flu, and I just wasn't a happy camper. I called my sister to come over and help me with the kids (my 2 and the 1 I was babysitting for a friend) and she flaked on me (which I was extremely upset about!). So MM calls to tell me that he's on his way and I tell him he may not want to. I'm grumpy and sick and pretty much not good company. He says, "Well, good thing I'm coming over then, so I can take care of the kids while you rest." *sniffle*

I finally get the kids to bed around 9:30 and take a shower. MM was waiting for me in the bedroom when I came out of the bathroom and he rubbed lotion on me and gave me a foot massage (no funny business either, bless his heart). Then we settled down to watch a movie. Before we got into it, I mentioned that I wanted ice cream, but didn't have any. When the movie ended, he said he had to run to Wal-Mart for a few things and he'd be back in a bit. I finished reading my book while he was gone.

When he got back he winked at me and pulled a carton of Cookie-Dough ice cream out of a bag. I got a little misty eyed. Then, while I was serving it, he pulls something else out of the bag and set it on the counter. I look over at it and immediately teared up again.

It was a little red bear, with little black horns, holding a heart that says I love you. It was very sweet!

Then he sat down and watched Roman Holiday with me until I started falling asleep. If that isn't the most amazing gesture, I don't know what is. I can't imagine another man sitting through three quarters of Roman Holiday.

After Sweet Angel's Chocolate Incident, I'm feeling very kindly toward MM at the moment.

Is it any wonder that I love him?


Isabel said...

Oh you brat, you just had to rub that in! lol. Awwww MM sounds like a sweetie. Sniff.
Joey still hasn't really done anything to make up for the santa. sigh.... maybe mm wants to help him out?

Grace said...


Dylan said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, MM gets mad points today!!

Holly said...

Yeah, he's a sweetheart. I done good this time, ladies...I done real good.


Grace said...

Oh yes you did sweets!

Now..are you ready to pass the torch to your little protege(sp?) and hook her up, hmmm? LOL!

Holly said...

Yep, as soon as my little protege moves her scrawny butt over here to the REAL side of the world, you bet...I'll pass my torch, give you my crown and hook you up like you couldn't imagine!


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