Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tales of the Devil Woman: Episode 2

I think I'm cold blooded. Or I have poor circulation. Or something. Because I'm cold all the time.

I live in the middle of the desert. It could be summer and 120 degrees outside and I'll be wearing long pants and a sweater because I'm cold. This is a major source of contention between me and the Devil Woman.

Six years ago she had a Gallant. On our way to AZ for a visit, we dropped the compressor out of the bottom of her car because we were fighting over the air conditioner. Just FYI: Don't repeatedly turn the air on and off, on and off, on and off in rapid succession. It's bad for your compressor.

About a year ago we had the same argument in her Xterra and the air hasn't worked the same since. Luckily we didn't drop the compressor this time, but it does go out at odd times.

We also fight over the air conditioner in our office. Because of where our office is situationed, the sun hits her desk all afternoon. I'm tucked into the corner with no windows, so that's not a problem for me.

It's approximately 65 degrees today. That's not warm. It's not cold, but it's not exactly a heat wave. I'm wearing a tank top, a sweater, jeans and clogs. I'm freezing.

I just checked the thermostat to see what the temp is and I noticed that the air is ON! Why would you need to turn the air on when it's 65 degrees outside? And it's set at 62. SIXTY FREAKIN TWO! I don't set the air at 62 in the middle of summer when it's a hundred and twenty out. And I know for a fact that she doesn't either.

I had to get my parka out of my car, it's that cold.

So I ask her, what's the deal? Is it really necessary to have it that low? She assures me it is.

The conclusion I've reached? Being the Devil Woman has increased her body heat so much that she has to freeze me out. I guess it makes sense, though, considering she's FROM HELL!!!!


Isabel said...

Oh my lord, your last comment is hilarious!!!!

awww poor thing. Bring a blanket to work. That's what I do

Holly said...

Yeah, I decided I'm going to wear my snow suit to work tomorrow...then maybe I'll be warm. *sigh*

Oh, and just to add to the Gallant story: DW's mechanic told her that he's never seen a compressor get blown up before.

Damn, we're good. LOL

Grace said...

Oh My Gosh. LMAOLMAO!! Dude, your last line is freaking hilarious! I love hearing about your DW tales, so funny!

But I agree with Sweet Angel, blanket sounds like just the thing! could take a trip down here instead. It's mad hot here right now, so maybe you'll feel a-okay here. :)

Dylan said...

LOL, do what Syl said and bring a blanket to work, I would...

Holly said...

I'm all for the trip if you're buying, Gracie-girl.. for the blanket..I have one. LOL And I keep an extra jacket here, too. But why should I have to bundle up like Raphy in A Christmas Story just cuz she's a freak?

Anonymous said...


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