Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tales of the Devil Woman: Episode 1

I'm addicted to coffee. It's a known fact that I will (and almost have) kill for my daily dose. To make matters worse, I'm also addicted to Coffeemate Creamer: Hazelnut. The Devil Woman shares my addiction, unfortunately.

I've been known to get a little...out of sorts, if I don't have morning and afternoon coffee with creamer.

Today, I ask Cookie to make coffee and she says, "Sure, just a minute." This is at 2:30. At 3:15, I look at the coffee maker and see no coffee...hmm. I ask her about it and she says she got swamped and did't have a chance to make it yet, but she'd do it right then. At 3:30 I went over to poor a cup and saw that there wasn't much left. Hmm...I asked Cooks and she said everyone had gotten there before me. *sigh* Fine, whatever. Then she gets this look on her face like, "Oh, Shit." I get a little suspicious, but don't say anything.

I grab the coffee creamer out of the fridge and freeze, shocked. It's EMPTY! EMPTY! What kind of dumbass idiot puts the empty container BACK IN THE FRIDGE!?!

So I ask Cookie, "What the hell?" She kind of looks away and mumbles under her breath, "It was your mom." OH HELL NO!

So I confront the Devil Woman and what does she say? "Add a little water to it and it'll be fine." WHAT??

*sigh* And you wonder why I call her The Devil Woman?


Isabel said...

Oh, that was just wrong. Just add a little water. Coming from an ex coffee addict. Yeah, that was just wrong. I loved the french vanilla. That was my favorite.

Holly said...

I used to love the FV until I found the I'm addicted to that instead.

So, uh, how did you kick your addiction, anyway? LOL I might could use some help with that....hahah

Isabel said...

Well, I wanted to whiten my teeth for the wedding. I knew if I still drank coffee it would be pointless to whiten. So I stopped drinking it. It was only supposed to be until the wedding. After that I was going to drink my ususal cup. But we don't have a coffee maker. yeah, so no coffee for me, unless I go to starbucks.

Holly said...

Well, since I don't plan on getting married anytime soon, it looks like my addiction will continue...LOL

Dylan said...

Oh gosh, not the JUST ADD WATER, LMAO...oh gosh, I do love the devil woman, hehe...too funny, so like seriously...did you add water or what? LOL.

Holly said...

OH hell no! I called Myronian and complained and bitched and cried until he offered to go the store and get me some more! LOLOL

Yeah, I'm bad...


Grace said...

LMAO!!! You're sooooooooooo addicted Holls. And I know I shouldn't be laughing, but daang your ma is so funny! "Just add a little watter" LMAOLMAO. *wipes tear* That was good. ;o)

Holly said...

Yeah, says you, who wasn't totally freaking out and in need! Stupid Devil Woman!

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