Friday, December 16, 2005

A reason I love MM

I was on the phone with him last night while he was filling out his vacation request form for '06. Apparently he has to put his vacation notice in a year at a time.

Anyway, he has a wedding to attend in Montana in July, so that was his first choice for vacation time. His dad is moving there at the end of June, so he put in for two weeks starting then.

Then he said he had to put in 2 other back-up requests. So he's kind of thinking aloud and says, "Oh, I know." Then he kind of snickers.

I ask him what dates he picked and he said Oct. 3rd thru the 12th. So I asked him whey he chose then. He said, "No reason." But he's still kind of snickering.

After I bugged him for awhile about it, he finally said it was because that's when our 1 year anniversary will be...



Isabel said...

Awww, that's so sweet. :) He earns points for that. :)

Hey, he has to put in time to visit us!

Holly said...

no, he has comp days he can take for last minute trips....this vaca thing is just for his "official" times...LOL

Dylan said...

yeah, he gets points for that! He's cute, Awwwwww...

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