Monday, December 12, 2005

Our First Date

Alright, so I had to go to my office to print some docs for a client, so I called and left a message for MM, asking if he'd meet me at my office instead of picking me up at home. He said that was fine and agreed to wait if I wasn't finished with what I was doing. So, I drove over to the office and got there about 10 minutes before him, and started doing my work. Then he shows up about 10 minutes later, right on time. Gotta love a guy who's punctual, huh?

We chatted about his night at work and what-not while I was finishing what I had to do..then we locked up and headed to the parking lot. He asked if I wanted to ride with him or follow along and I said I'd ride with him. So, we get into his Jeep (he even walked around and opened the door for me...awww) and then headed out of the parking lot. He asked what kind of music I like, and when I told him anything, he put on a hits station (he has satellite radio in his car). I asked him where we were going and he said The River (that's a huge place in Rancho Mirage with a movie theater, Borders, little shops and a man made river running under it and through it). We talked as we were driving over there about this and that...then parked and walked to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

There was a 15 minute wait for a table, so we got one of those pager thingys and went outside to wait. We talked for awhile out there..and he finally asked me how old I was..When I told him he just grinned (he's a year younger than I am). We had one moment of awkwardness when we both kind of floundered around, and then it was smooth sailing again.

Then we went in to dinner and we were talking so much that we didn't look at the menu and the waiter came by like four times before we were ready to order. Finally, I decided on Chicken Marsala, and he got the Mahi Mahi. Plus, I got the creamy chicken soup as an appetizer. Which I couldn't finished, so I offered the rest to him. He ate all but about three bites and said that he didn't want to eat it all. I told him to go ahead, because if he didn't I was giving it to the server, so he finished it. It seemed very...intimate, having him finish my soup on the first date..

We talked about everything. His family, my family, what movies and music we like, our jobs. He has a sister that's 22 and married..and he doesn't think his BIL is good enough for her. He also has a half sister that's 12 that he's pretty close with. Him and his mom get along pretty well now that he moved, but when they lived together they fought all the time. He's also an adrenaline junky, which works REALLY well fo me..

He asked me why I'd moved here and I told him because I'd left my ex. He laughed and said that was a good reason. Then he asked if I still got along with him and I told him we were civil. I'd brought up the kids casually several times before that, but we hadn't talked about them directly, except for him asking me their ages. I gave him a VERY abbreviated version of why I left and how the rat bastard is, and he said the only concern he'd had about me having kids was that a few years ago he'd dated a girl with a kid and she'd cheated on him with her ex. I told him that wasn't a problem for me and he said he could tell.

I told him my concern was that I hadn't dated at all since I split with RB and I didn't know where things were going with us but I didn't want the kids to get attached to him or anything. He said he totally understands that my family has to come first and he thinks that's great. He also said he's cool with it just being us for awhile, but maybe he'd meet them someday.

He asked me if I could cook, too, and I said yes, that I love to, and he said great, because he doesn't know how very well.. Hmm, I still wonder where that was going...

So, after dinner, we decided to see what movies were playing. We decided to see Waiting - which was hella funny, btw - but it didn't start for an hour, so we went to Starbucks for a coffee while we waited. We took our drinks outside so we could people watch (and yep, he's a true people watcher, even getting into the spirit of things and making up little stories about the people we watched.) Finally, we headed to the movie theater and got seated. It was sooo funny and we laughed a lot. After each one of the previews he'd look at me and either we'd nod together or make a face at each other, depending on if we thought it looked good or not...and we agreed on every one, too.

When the movie started, he'd lean over to say something, brushing his shoulders against mine (his very LARGE shoulders, I might add) and I was having some very...pleasant thoughts Anyway, about half way thru the movie he pinched my leg (at something I said) and then grabbed my hand and laced his fingers with mine. Then he looked over and grinned at "I'm so smooth" I almost busted out laughing then and there. Then, as we were leaving the theater, he grabbed my hand again, and held it the whole time we were walking to the car.

When we got to the parking lot, my phone rang, and thinking it might be the sitter, I checked the caller was my brother. So I asked MM if he wanted to talk to him, making a joke. He said to answer it. Oh, and just so you know, my cell was broken at the time and I could only talk on speaker phone. So I put my brother on speaker and the first thing he says is "where are you?" and I said we were just leaving the theater..and he says "isn't it a little late for you to be out?" I said no, and as a matter of fact, I may not go home until the morning..And my brother screams "WHAAAT" at the same time that MM busts up laughing..

So, my brother tells me to call him later and I hang up, then we get in the car and he drives me back to mine. We talked some more on the way over there, and when we pulled up I noticed a light in the office, so we went to investigate. It turned out to be the TV, and he was teasing me on the way back to the car (after I'd decided to leave it on) that it was going to start a fire and burn the building down.. So I kept joking around that I was going to go back and turn it off, and he pulled me to him and laughed.....then we kissed. At first he just brushed his lips over mine, then pulled back to say something about the "fire" again and then he kissed me again.

Anyway, after that he said he had a GREAT time and that he was free until Tuesday (before he had to go back to work) if I wanted to get together again. He even offered to have me over to watch a movie at his house (one we talked about at dinner that I've never seenbefore). Then I reached up and kissed him again, hard, and then got in my car and left.

I called Dylan and started talking to her, but Cookie buzzed in, so I told Dylan to hold soon as I clicked over, Cookie said "SOO, how was it?" to which I replied "He called Jason, huh?" And she busted out laughing. (Jason is Cookie's roommate, he and MM work together). So, of course Cookie wanted all the details, and gave them to her...then she said that Jason said that MM told him there "WILL" be a second date...and Cookie said I have to call her after he calls me tomorrow. I said, "What makes you so sure he'll call me tomorrow" and she says, "because you had a date tonight and it's in the rule book that he has to call you afterward, right?" and I said, "Well, yeah, but what makes you think he'll call?" and she ays, "Because he called Jason."

Anyway, I had a super great time! I felt totally comfortable with him. Oh, and just for the record, I wore a baby blue baby T, jeans, and my butterfly sandals. He wore jeans (which made his butt look cute), a navy blue T and flip flops (which I think is hella sexy on a man).

So, there it is...THE DATE! And yes, obviously he called the next day.


Dylan said...

OMgosh I remember this night...wasn't it on a Monday night? Or was that another night? You called me and I couldn't talk cause Prison Break was on? LOL...and then you got all pissy about it? LOL.

Holly said...

No, that was the night we met..this was our first date. I got all peeved at you on the Monday after he asked me out...LOL

You and you're damn TV..*sigh*

Isabel said...

awwww how cute. Sigh....
Hey and you don't interrupt Prison Break unless it's life or death.

Holly said...

Seriously...I'd just been asked on my first date in over ten years....I think that consitutes life or death...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »

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