Wednesday, December 07, 2005

7 Things

7 Things

Was tagged by Coffee House Banter (Rowena)
7 Things I want to do before I die....
1) Visit my two friends in New Zealand and Australia.
2) See Scotland, Ireland and Italy.
3) Vacation in Tuscany with my friends, Rowena and Marivel.
4) See my children get married.
5) Learn how to speak fluent Italian.
6) Pay off all of my debt.
7) Write and finish a novel.

7 Things I can't do...
1) A round off back handspring.
2) Sing.
3) Speak a foreign language.
4) Keep time.
5) Be on time.
6) Parallel Park.
7) Keep plants alive. I even kill the fake ones.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex...
1) Smile.
2) Sense of Humor.
3) Shoulders.
4) Back.
5) Bad Boy with Good Boy tendencies.
6) Responsibility.
7) Eyes.

7 Things I say most often...
1) Oh hell no.
2) What the Freakin?
3) Oh My Gosh.
4) Dude!
5) Kiiiiler
6) Good Times, Good times...
7) Yeah, Buddy

7 Celebrity Crushes..
1) Antonio Sabatto Jr.
2) Brad Pitt (yeah, I know he's little, but he's still sexy..LOL)
3) Matthew McConaughey.
4) Keith Urban
5) Justin Timberlake
6) Bruce Willis (yep, he's hot)
7) Josh Lucas

7 People I want to do this...
1) Whoever wants to.


Dylan said...

You've got a crush on Justin too? You have such great tastes sweets! LOL.

Holly said...

LMAO! Yeah, but I'm a closet JT fan...I don't tell just everyone about that..hehehe

Nola said...

Brad's not little! Now, if you were to say Tom Cruise, then, yeah, the 'little' thing applies.

Bite your tongue, woman!

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